Puppy Care Sheets

I realized recently that, with our move, our cat and puppy care info sheets need to be updated. Do any of you have these, too? I keep them in a Word document on my computer, so that any time we go out of town I can glance at them and update any pertinent info and print out a new copy. We normally put them some place obvious, like on the kitchen counter or table, so that whomever it is that’s checking on our pet-children can’t miss it. I try to make them fun instead of just dry information cards, so here’s what Scout’s currently says:


AKA: The Scoutimus Maximus, Scouters, Little Bit, Pupperoni, Scouter Muffin. (We see that face you’re making. Don’t judge.)

Vet Information


Scout gets 2 cups of food a day, 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup at night. Please make her sit and wait while you put the food in the bowl and put the bowl on the floor. Give her the signal that she can eat when you are ready: say “Okay.” Warning: She eats it in about 2.5 seconds flat. Putting a small ball in her bowl while she eats will get this statistic to around 5 or 6 seconds. Do not expect a break while she eats, you know, so that you can go pour your cereal or something. You will be sadly mistaken.

Stuff Scout Knows:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay – if and when Scout feels like obliging.
  • Okay – Scout’s release word for all commands.
  • Leave it – as in, don’t touch that.
  • Go out – as in, go to the bathroom already so that we can go back inside.
  • Drop it – as in, if you want me to throw that ball, you need to let go of it.
  • Out – as in, move it or lose it. Sometimes we even just say, move it or lose it.
  • What do you have? – as in, dang it, the parents noticed that cookie I just stole. Time to high tail it under the table where they hopefully won’t be able to get to me.
  • Wait – as in, do not pull me out the front door/down the stairs/up the stairs/through the doorway/into the car/wherever it is we’re going. Pretend you are civilized and trained and all that good stuff.

No, Scout does not know any tricks other than her usual arsenal of cute faces. Her parents got lazy after the basic commands and she showed a strong aversion to Shake and Roll Over.


Edible. Every one of them. Even the ones with labels that say, Ultra high-powered supreme durability with reinforced tire-grade rubber!

 Questions? Concerns? Did she eat something nonrefundable and you want us to pay for it? Just give us a call!


One response to “Puppy Care Sheets

  1. According to Gus May 10, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    Yes, we have something similar – we created a blog specifically for Gus’s medical info, feeding guidelines, prescriptions, weekly journal, etc…that way we can access it no matter where we are!

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