Scout has officially hit her second stubborn puppy phase. In the last two weeks, she has become quite the sock thief, or thief in general might be a better way to describe it. Last night, she snuck downstairs and actually stole a little porcelain candle holder I have, and started chewing on it! She didn’t damage it (better for her safety and my temper), but this just goes to show the level with which we’re dealing with in regard to the thievery right now.

It’s not that she’s not sorry–I admonished her strongly for taking my candle holder, and she raced upstairs and laid by my side until I petted her–but more that she’s pushing the boundaries of this new home, looking to see if the limitations are still where they were before. And it’s making for some tired puppy parents.

She’s also continued to be a poo connoisseur to the extreme. B tried sousing her little gifts with Tabasco after she was done going, but Scout liked the Tabasco so much she ate the poo and then licked up the extra hot sauce! He came inside shaking his head and laughing. This morning I tried Sriracha, which for those of you that don’t know is a fabulous Asian hot sauce that is HOT, and she sniffed, tasted, and walked away. Success! But we’ll have to see if this is long term, or if Scout will be brave this afternoon and give it a try. I’m a bit worried it’s too hot and might burn her (I accidentally doused it, really doused it, when I squirted the bottle. It looked like it’d been painted red), so I’m hoping she won’t try to eat it. And because the habit’s just gross.

B also got a laugh out of my morning adventure with Scout. I took her on our daily morning walk, and we went by some sprinklers that were on. Scout has been adjusting to the new things in the neighborhood: geese, ducks, school buses, trash cans, etc. Sprinklers have been a fear. She almost dragged me out into traffic one morning to get away from the spray of the water. But this morning she was curious. She crawled on her belly, Army-style, as she does when she’s timid, and sniffled tentatively. All was determined to be okay. But then, she couldn’t get back around to me. The water was in the way. So what did she decide to do but walk right through it. A second later, she was soaking wet and happy as a clam next to me.

“Look at yourself. Now you’re all wet!” I started admonishing her. And you know what happened next? She shook, and all that water that was on her, was suddenly on me. We walked back to the house, my flip-flops squeaking with each step. She was quite happy.

She has at least been enjoying the back yard. This weekend Ranger came to visit, and they had a ball playing in the wading pool.

Scout was a bit timid about getting in, but not Ranger! He walked right in and plopped down.

Ranger has a bit of a complex with cats, much like Scout and the ducks, so he spent the majority of the visit patrolling the side of the fence that faces the neighbor with all the cats.

But he helped Scout overcome her shyness about the pool, and after that she was happy to be in the cool water. (It was 90 outside!)

She kept “digging” at the water, and we finally figured out that she was trying to fix it much like she does her bed, getting the water just so before she would lay down like Ranger did. You can imagine how the water must have cooperated with that. She finally had to settle for sitting.

They had a ball, and Scout was still tired on Sunday, which made for a laid-back day!


One response to “Summertime

  1. Donna and the Dogs May 24, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    Got bad news for you. Toby’s seven and a half – and still eats poop. Blech!
    Cute pics of the pups in the pool.

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