Scout and Ranger Have a Playdate

If Scout and Ranger could be married, we would probably do it. They are the cutest things together. Today Ranger came over for what will more than likely be his last visit. L has gotten a fantastic job in his hometown in Texas, so in a few weeks Ranger will head on to a new home, and Scout will lose her first love.

To commemorate their special friendship, they spent the day galloping around the yard. They hadn’t been out long when it started pouring, and this was a real surprise considering we’ve been having 90+ temps for a while now with no relief in sight. The dogs were soaked in a second flat. Rather than bring them inside like that, B, myself, and L stood on the porch with the dogs and watched the ran while the dogs dried off (read: shook all over us).

After the ran stopped, we headed inside and left Scout and Ranger to continue their fun, when suddenly B and L were yelling and hurrying outside. I followed after, curious. Turns out that Ranger–who, if we haven’t mentioned before, has major jumping skills–jumped the fence in order to chase after the neighbor’s cats. Ranger has a thing for cats. He doesn’t like them (Zoey is put up whenever he visits). He’d eat them if he had the chance. L has no idea why he has this odd…quirk, I guess you’d call it…because Ranger was adopted from a shelter. Maybe he wasn’t exposed to cats as a young puppy? Either way, he’s gentle as can be with Scout, but would eat a cat without a second thought.

So Ranger was thrilled out of his mind with all of our neighbor’s cats, and was doing his darndest to get at them. The cats were screaming up a storm. Our neighbor was outside when all of this went down, and was laughing at Ranger, who was pretty entertaining looking I suppose (I missed this part). And just for the record, there wasn’t really a risk for Ranger to make it over their fence, so the cats were safe. Ranger just didn’t realize this.

L hunted Ranger down and dragged him back into our yard, and Ranger promptly jumped the fence again! This time, I saw it. Ranger didn’t even need a head start. He just dead-legged it (is that a saying?)–jumped right over it from exactly where he was standing, no head start or anything. The dog’s got skills.

So after L dragged him back again (poor L) it was time to take the dogs inside. Obviously Ranger was too focused and wasn’t going to stay in the yard. Scout was dying trying to get over the fence to follow her friend, but she couldn’t figure out how to jump at all (which was kinda cute).

Even so, all this excitement made for some tired pooches. We tried our best to catch their love fest on camera, though it’s a challenge. Ranger is camera shy!

Can I go back out and play with the cats now?

If you’re curious, the boys are playing video games. Lots of concentration is happening at this moment. Look at Scout’s legs!

Again, look at Scout’s legs. I cannot get over the positions she works herself into. Crazy!


4 responses to “Scout and Ranger Have a Playdate

  1. nana June 14, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    How sweet is that….I love the picture of them by the door…again how sweet is that. This breaks my heart.
    Love, nana

  2. Donna and the Dogs June 14, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    I agree – the photo by the door is adorable.
    As far as how Scout is laying, I think it is a Lab thing. When Toby lays like that, we call it “Froggy.”

  3. puppymakes4 June 14, 2011 at 8:36 pm

    Froggy! I love it! We met someone who calls it Turkey Legs, but I like Froggy much better.

  4. Baileys mom June 16, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Omg, I agree the door picture is priceless! And the kissing one. Both adorable.

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