The House that Scout Ate

In case you haven’t heard, Scout eats a lot. I’m really at a loss as to how she keeps her slim figure.

You would think she was 300 pounds the way she roams through the back yard, nose to the ground, as if we don’t feed her and her only source of sustenance is what she can dig up from the earth. On numerous occasions we have looked outside in time to see her crunch her way up the branch of our hydrangea bush as if she were eating corn on the cob! She has ripped a whole limb off the cherry blossom tree and dragged it into the yard in order to tear the leaves from it one by one and then devour the branch like filet mignon. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Still, that stomach of steel that she was thankfully blessed with digests it all…so far. One day that middle-aged spread is going to catch up to her, or she’ll eat something that disagrees with her. (Fingers crossed we don’t end up in the ER! And by the way, we don’t let her tear the branches off like that. It’s just hard to catch her in the act!)

But the other activity that Scout loves to do other than eat is to retrieve. We’ve talked about her habit of bringing us random objects before–literally as I am typing this, she just brought me one of Zoey’s toys. I’m telling you. She loves to bring us random items from around the house, and she is always very happy when she does it. So without further ado, a list of Scout’s finds from the last week or so:

  1. one of Zoey’s toy balls (other than the one she just gave me)
  2. a sock
  3. a corn cob
  4. a camera memory card
  5. a butterscotch candy, miraculously still in the wrapper
  6. a receipt
  7. a grocery list
  8. a ticket stub from the College World Series games we attended
  9. another one of Zoey’s balls
  10. another butterscotch in the wrapper
  11. and another
  12. my retainer (yuck!)
  13. a bag of potting rocks (Story: This past weekend, a little girl was at our fence, leaning over, talking to Scout. We went outside, thinking Scout (who was busy munching on something in the grass), had stolen the little girl’s toy. Instead, the girl told us that she saw Scout eating a bag of rocks and was trying to stop her. Because after all, dogs aren’t supposed to eat rocks, she said. Our dog doesn’t know that.)
  14. a postcard for a car wash
  15. a pair of socks
  16. a white washcloth
  17. a bed sheet (folded, but still, she gets brownie points for this one)
  18. an empty butterscotch wrapper (question: who ate the butterscotch, B or Scout?)

Apparently all that retrieving burns off all that eating. How else can she stay this cute and petite?

And this talented? (Yes, she’s sitting on the stairs in the photo below):

Scout was definitely born with the skinny gene. Eat your heart out, runway mavens of the world!


4 responses to “The House that Scout Ate

  1. ForPetsSake June 23, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    HAHA!! Scout is a naughty monkey! We had a Rottie that would eat just about anything, too. In fact, some of her scarier munchies were pennies and hardware nails. She didn’t know dogs shouldn’t eat those things either.

    My mother-in-law’s dog regularly eats her undies and pantyhose. It’s pretty common to find poor Bogey (also a yellow lab) pooping out some underpants. I guess he doesn’t know either ;)

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