Ouch! When Puppies Collide

It has been raining here consistently in the late afternoons for a week or so now. Though we need the rain, that’s also a prime time to exercise Scout after having her crated while we’re away at work. With it pouring out, we’ve tried inside options to accomplish releasing all her pent-up puppy energy. This mainly involves playing fetch inside, something Scout is good at, but lazy at as well. She’ll fetch the toy or ball, but don’t expect her to run. No. She walks to the toy, picks it up, brings it back, and looks at you as if to say, “Can’t we make this any more exciting?”

So when we had a sudden break in rain yesterday around 6:30, I took Scout into the back yard to get in a quick game of real fetch. And she was ecstatic. She raced back and forth, returning her plastic frog that she plays with outside, finally able to stretch her legs.

What happened was an accident. The timing of it did us in. I bent over to pick up the frog at the same moment Scout looked up at me, saying, “Didn’t I do well, Mom? Here’s the frog. Throw it again!” And the top of Scout’s head collided with my face.

Ouch is a word that came to mind, but it really doesn’t efficiently describe the level of pain. Scout’s head is hard. She must have been looking upward with some excited, crazy, puppy energy or something, because she crammed her forehead straight into my mouth. I immediately tasted blood (and saw stars), and stumbled inside, mumbling to B that he needed to look at my mouth. I could already feel the swelling.

The blood stopped almost immediately. I had bitten the inside of my lip, but not badly. As of this morning, the swelling has gone down and isn’t noticeable, but my mouth is very sore. The edge of my upper lip is a slightly darker shade of pink than normal, but nothing really noticeable, thank goodness. For her part, Scout never seemed to know that something was wrong!

So even if your puppy is almost a year old (can you believe it!), there are still lessons to be learned for human and dog alike. Watch out for one another’s heads! They hurt!


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