The Stare-Down Technique

Scout had developed a new, annoying habit. Every night, without fail, between 7:30-9 pm, Scout starts giving us the Stare Down. She literally stand in front of us, and stares at us with these wide eyes, obviously asking for something. Every few seconds, she takes a step back. And then another step back. And another. All while staring at you, intensely.

It drives B and I nuts. We have no idea what she wants. We’ve tried taking her on a walk, letting her out, playing with her. The moment we stop, the stare down begins anew. So last night we tried taking her on a walk before the stare down began in hopes that we would catch it before it happened, you know, wear her out or something. That was a failure. We walked her, and then then promptly at 7:30 she began staring at us.

I’ve decided that I think what’s going on is that Scout is tired, and she wants someone to cuddle with. Scout is a serious cuddler, but because we don’t allow her on the furniture, she needs someone to sit on the floor with her in order to cuddle with them. But I can’t sit on the floor every night between the hours of 7:30-9, and Scout shouldn’t always get her way, so we’re trying our best to ignore the staring, but gosh darn it if Scout isn’t persistent!


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