Puppy Fetch, Scout Style

Remember not too long ago when we regaled you with stories of all Scout had fetched for us recently? Well here’s another story, complete with photos, to add to that.

Since Scout is such a connoisseur of, ahem, feces, we have to keep Zoey’s litter box out of reach. Right now this means we keep a baby gate up at the doorway to our master bathroom, and Zoey’s litter box conveniently tucked into the nook between the two sinks (where we’re supposed to have a chair, I think, though neither one of us sits down while we get ready, so it would otherwise be empty anyway), and Zoey’s food (which Scout would eat in a heartbeat) on the ledge beside the whirlpool tub, where we should really have some pretty candles or something. (It’s a work in progress. We’ll get there.)

Anyway! I was washing my face tonight and Scout began one of her new favorite activities, along with playing in the sprinkler and doing the Stare Down Technique: bringing me things she finds in the bedroom that I haven’t asked for and then acting really happy when I take them from her, as if she’s just fetched something I specifically asked for. “Why yes, Scouters, I do want my gloves! How did you ever know?” You get the drift.

What Scout doesn’t realize is that I can watch her roam around the bedroom in the bathroom mirror, so I can see when she sneaks to one of our bedside tables, but 99% of the time I have a mouth full of toothpaste and by the time I spit it out and turn around she’s back at the gate, item in mouth, tail wagging furious, unrequested mission accomplished. Tonight, this very event took place, and when I turned around, I happen to see my phone nearby, so I was able to snap photos of Scout’s “Look what I found!” face.

Phase One, the “Mom, you will be so proud of me, look what I’ve brought you” face:

Notice the madly wagging tail and the clamped-shut jaws. (Sorry for the blurriness, I couldn’t get it to focus.) Would you ever think she had something in her mouth? No? That’s part of the game. The longer Scout keeps the object “hidden” in her mouth, the happier and bouncier she becomes. Seriously, she will hop around you like, “You will never guess what I have! You will never guess!”

Phase Two, when Mom takes object from Scout’s mouth and tells her No! while Scout continues to be pleased with herself:

As you can see, tonight’s object was a receipt. I have no idea which end table it came from, but my guess is B’s. He’s a receipt hoarder. You can see that Scout is really focused on the item she’s brought me. She wholeheartedly believes it’s something I wanted and, thus, she should get some praise. Apparently, “No, Scout! No!” qualifies as praise.

I think we need to redirect this energy to fetching the paper or something. First step: We’ll need to get the paper.

…Oh yeah, and while I was typing this post Scout snuck back into the master bedroom, stole the bookmark out of my book, and ate it. I have no idea what page I was on. Notice she didn’t bring me the bookmark. She ate it. Apparently some treasures that are found are worth keeping more than receipts and gloves.


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