Doggie Sleepover

We boarded Scout this past weekend for the first time. Though it wasn’t her first time away from us, it was her first time sleeping outside. She stayed with the trainer who she attended puppy kindergarten with, a person we knew and were comfortable with. His facilities are outdoors but equipped with fans for the summer and heated dog houses for the winter. Scout got plenty of play time and a few nature walks, too. We dropped her off Friday, and I did my very best not to fawn over her too much. I handed her over, told her to behave and gave her a parting rub behind the ears, and then we were off.

As the weekend went on, we thought of her often, wondered what she was up to and how sleeping outdoors was going, but–and you should be proud of me–I didn’t call to check on her. Not even once.

When we pulled up Sunday afternoon, the owner was expecting us and was walking out with Scout. She galloped toward us, ecstatic, greeting B and I each individually before promptly jumping inside the car without being asked. Let’s go home! she announced.

Everyone warned us that after being boarded, most dogs are pretty tuckered out. Scout kept this trend alive. She snored all the way back to the house, and then went straight to bed when we got home. She woke for dinner, but that was it. Other than that, Scout stuck to her bed like glue, only coming upstairs when she could transition to her new bed that sits by ours. She was obviously exhausted, more exhausted than we’d ever seen her before.

And she was still tired Monday morning. She poked me with her nose at 5:45, and I told her, “Not yet. Go to bed.” She laid back down and waited until 6, and then I got up and let her out and fed her. Then she went back to bed! (But not before stealing a lemon off the counter and moving it to the foyer. She didn’t eat it. Just relocated it.)

All Scout’s sleepiness has left me wondering what’s going on in doggie boarding places to exhaust the dogs so much. Continual round-the-clock play time? Maybe it was noisy outdoors and Scout wasn’t used to the new sounds? B thinks she basically had a two-day sleepover and stayed up all night.

Either way, she was happy to be home.


One response to “Doggie Sleepover

  1. ForPetsSake August 10, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    I work at a clinic that has a kennel – they are noisy, chaotic places where dogs are thrown together in various states of anxiety. Not all dogs are anxious over being there – I think they’re anxious over getting to go outside, getting to eat, etc, etc. Regardless of being out or indoors, surely there was a great deal of “stimulation” Glad she’s back home ;)

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