Birthday Wrap-up

You only turn 1 once, and from the look of it, Scout loved it. I’m sure if she could, she’d do it all again tomorrow and again after that, for all eternity. Why? All the attention was on her! There was a plethora of peanut butter! And toys! Toys! Toys!

Scout’s cake was simple to make, and she seemed to really like it. She recognized the “frosting,” peanut butter, immediately, and set to work licking that off. What she couldn’t figure out was what she was supposed to do with the log (i.e. the cake) that the peanut butter was on. Finally, B helped her by breaking it up, and she went right to work.

Next, presents. We gave her one from B’s parents first, a stuffed turtle that she even took out of the gift bag herself! She knew. This turtle was hers. Then we gave her one of ours, a stuffed monkey that was much larger than her other stuffed toys. We thought she’d have fun with the size.

A little video:


One response to “Birthday Wrap-up

  1. nana August 25, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Now how sweet is that ,,, loved the video and pictures!!

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