Zoey Gets a Night to Herself

We went out of town again this past weekend, the last of our currently scheduled trips for the remainder of the year until the holidays. As such, we boarded Scout again. Overnight she went from no boarding experience to two trips!

When we pulled up at the boarder’s home, Scout recognized it. She jumped out of the car with noticeable excitement, and was happily led away without giving us a backward glance. I frowned and said to B, “I would have liked a goodbye kiss.” Such a mother :)

We returned last night too late to pick Scout up, so B is going to get her today after work. Zoey got last night all to herself for the first time since we brought Scout home last September. Once she realized that Scout wasn’t with us, she was thrilled. She snugged with us on the bed, purring madly, and then slipped underneath the covers. She was in a glorious mood.

But B and I both missed Scout. We commented to one another that the house didn’t seem right without her there. Just like Zoey, it’s our first time without her home, too. It was quiet without the jingling of her collar tags and the click of her nails on the hardwoods, and lonely without the press of her wet nose against our arms, asking for loving. There were no velvet ears to rub and no puppy to cuddle before bed. The house just wasn’t the same.

Thank goodness she’ll be home by the time I get off work. I missed her!


One response to “Zoey Gets a Night to Herself

  1. ForPetsSake August 22, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    Oh! What a sweet post! Glad she will be home soon ;-)

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