An Unexpected Reaction

You remember a few days ago when I posted that photo of Scout and said we were headed to her one-year checkup? Um, yeah, about that. We didn’t go.

Here was the plan: The appointment was for 9:30 a.m. I planned to take Scout up to my office for a brief meet-and-greet with my co-workers before heading to Scout’s appointment. As I pulled into my work’s parking lot around 8:30, my phone rang. Apparently there is a new receptionist at my vet’s office who accidentally booked us for this morning when Scout doesn’t really need her vaccinations updated until December. Since Scout just turned one, I didn’t think anything of it. Since we didn’t have any other reasons to keep the appointment (and who wants to pay for a vet visit they don’t really need?) we cancelled.

Since we were already at my office, I figured we’d still meet everyone before hitting the road for home (where I had to promptly turn around and head back to the office. A lot of driving was done today). Scout was so excited when we approached the building, and was pretty happy to meet the first three of my co-workers that showed up. She weaved in between people and dolled out puppy kisses happily, and then things changed.

As another friend (who Scout has met a couple of times when she was younger) approached, her bags slipping off her shoulder. Now, I don’t know if it was the bags or the fact that at the same moment the bags hit the floor there was a kind-of-sudden onslaught of people entering the building (we were right next to the doors), but Scout got freaked out.

Instead of greeting my friend as Scout normally would, she crept forward a bit, very low to the ground, stuck out her nose, sniffed, and decided, Nope. This party’s over. She barked and retreated over to me, and even piddled a little bit! From this point forward she didn’t want people near us and would bark at them if they came close. I was so surprised. This really isn’t how Scout normally is. All I can figure is that she got spooked by something or wasn’t comfortable with the sudden increase of people walking around us, but either way, we left soon after that.

She road home perfectly at ease, and then I put her to bed in her crate and headed to work. It was an odd situation that I probably won’t ever fully understand, but for whatever reason, something about the scenario freaked her out.

And just because the rest of this has been kind of sad/confusing/odd/not very uplifting, here’s a hilarious video taken last night of what Scout does every single time we try to water the plants. All three of us end up soaked: the plants, the dog, and me!


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