Scout Eats Her Way Through…Everything

It was a banner weekend for Scout and eating. In a matter of four days, Friday-Monday, Scout managed to eat a smorgasbord of bad-for-you items. See for yourself:

1. Friday: Scout ate a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Here’s what was left:

2. Saturday: I painted our front door on Saturday, and to begin with I used a product called liquid deglosser on the door. It basically helps to get all the grime off the door without as much tough sanding work. The bottle is labelled with all kinds of CAUTION! DO NOT INGEST! remarks all over it. Needless to say, Scout managed to get the piece of thin plastic that I’d removed from the inside of the bottle (you know, like ketchup bottles have; you have to remove it before you can pour anything out). Of course it had a bit of the liquid on it, maybe an eighth of a teaspoon. Still, we were worried enough to call the animal emergency clinic and talk to them about it. I asked them what symptoms I should look for, and they were basically useless. They weren’t familiar with the product and couldn’t even tell me some common symptoms to look for, so B and I kind of made up our own mental list and just kept a close eye on her the rest of the night. Thankfully, she was fine.

3. Sunday: Scout got her mouth on one of her old puppy toys, chewed it down to a nup, and ingested 90% of it before we discovered her. Then she went on to eat a tiny bit of fiberglass. She proceeded to puke it up at 5:30 am. Fabulous.

4. Monday: I gave Scout a peanut butter-stuffed Kong. She hasn’t had one in a while, and I figured she’d enjoy it. She enjoyed it so much she ripped the top off the Kong and proceeded to throw it up about thirty minutes later.

Sigh. B and I decided that if there was any more throwing up, we were taking her to the vet. She’s been on an eating rampage this weekend, and we’re concerned over all the harmful things she’s taken in, even in small quantities. Thankfully, she’s made it until now without throwing anything else up, her eyes are clear, and she’s got her normal energy, so we think she’s escaped without any permanent damage–except driving her parents mad!


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