A Trip to the Vet

Things have been quiet around here lately, which has been kind of nice. But last night, that changed (it’s bound to happen eventually!). Scout couldn’t sleep. She went to bed at 10—late, for her, as she’s usually tuckered out by around 9—and was back up at 12:30 am. She was restless, wandering around the room flapping her ears back and forth and scratching at them. I tried to calm her, took her outside to the bathroom, petted her, but eventually I had to put her to bed in her crate in order to get her to settle down and rest. Afterward, I lay in bed wondering what was going on. This wasn’t normal Scout behavior. Normally at 12:30 she’s snoring up a storm and asleep on her back with all four paws reaching for the heavens. Eventually, I fell asleep.

Then today, B and I were sitting in the office discussing our upcoming bathroom reno, when he inspected her ears (I’d looked in them, too, the previous night, but I was groggy and the light was poor in the bathroom). In the daylight, though, it was clear something was wrong. One of Scout’s ears was beautifully clean, while the other was definitely not. I’m not sure if she just has an ear infection or mites (are they related?), but she definitely has a trip to the vet in her future. Thankfully, our vet’s office is open on Sundays, so we’re going to try to get her in to see someone tomorrow, even if her favorite Dr. C isn’t working. It’s our first trip to see the vet with Scout that isn’t for a routine visit, but she adores her vet, so she’ll be excited all the same.

We’ll let you know what happens!


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