An Update on Scout

"This used to be a walrus, but I lovingly decapitated it and now carry it around the house just like this."

Scout finally got to see the vet today and as it turns out, she does have an ear infection. In fact, she has one full-blown infection and one just-beginning infection. B took her while I was at work, so he gave me an update via phone on the way home:

B: Hey.
Me: Hey! So how is she?
B: Fine.
Me: What did the vet say?
B: That she has an athlete’s heart.
B: The vet said she has an athlete’s heart.
Me: Meaning?… [Insert image of me picturing high school basketball players with unknown enlarged hearts collapsing on the basketball court]
B: She said her heart sounds like an athlete’s: slow and steady.
Me: Is that a good thing?
B: The vet thought so.
Me: Oh, okay….So what about her ears?
B: Two infections.

We’ve got some cleaning solution to use in a week, and in the meantime, some medicated drops to put in her ears once a day for the next 10 days. The vet cleaned her ears out, so they’re back to looking beautifully pink(ish) inside. Of course, being sick hasn’t stopped Scout from checking out the latest round of kittens in the neighborhood:

The one on the left with the gray spot on its white head is the one I’m in love with. It appeared one morning and raced up to the porch to greet me. So freakin’ cute. It’s not afraid of Scout, either. It’ll stay right next to her on the porch without any fear. I swear I want to steal it (ahem, permanently offer it a home in our casa), but I can’t decide whether it “belongs” to our neighbors or is considered feral, and it might sound weird for me to knock on our neighbors’ door (who we’ve never met) and say, “Hey, you know that litter of kittens your cats had a few weeks ago? Can I have one of them?”

And B says no. That pretty much answers that one.

Note: For those who don’t know, our neighbor has a colony, and I do mean colony, of what are basically feral cats. We’ve contemplated what to do about it since we moved in, but the cats do seem to be cared for (though maybe not as spoiled as we prefer our pet family members), so we’ve yet to say anything. And I actually think the numbers might be going down recently, so maybe they’ve been adopting them out?


2 responses to “An Update on Scout

  1. pennypup October 19, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    Poor Scout! I hope her ears clear up quickly!
    f.y.i. If she gets another infection in the future, you can buy some over the counter polysporin ear & eye drops and use them instead. Usually cheaper ($14 here) than the stuff at the vet’s office ($35 at my vet). =D

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