A Big Moment for Puppyhood at the L Household

Okay, people, if I told you I was hyperventilating-type excited here right now, it would not be appropriately summarizing how thrilled out of my mind I am. Let me take a breath, and say as calmly as I can: My dog just touched my cat.

I know. It sounds weird like that. Let me explain.

I have always dreamed that Scout and Zoey would end up like my childhood cat Nick and dog Hope: cuddling up together for long naps, licking each others ears—you know, loving. Or at least tolerable toward one another. Then we adopted Scout and brought her home and Zoey said something along the lines of, “Hell to the no I’m not loving on that thing!”

So I’ve pined away to myself for the past year, dreaming of adorable scenarios like such:

…and less like this:

Well, folks, patience pays off (and maybe a touch of heavy prayer and karma thrown in too). This weekend I caught sight of this while working in the office:

Oh yes. Not only are they actually close to one another, but they’re calm. And happy. (And I’m easily pleased, I can hear B saying.)

(Forgive my horrible photos. I was so afraid to move and jolt one of them away. And Zoey is not enjoying the most flattering of angles, but we won’t tell her that.)

But you’ll never guess what came next. When Scout got up, she walked over to Zo…and touched her. That’s right, you read that correctly. Touched! She put a paw on Zoey’s tummy as if to say, “Hey, sis! Wanna play?”

And Zoey didn’t freak out. I know, right? Happy dance! She just laid there for a minute, looking at Scout like, “You know I don’t want to play. Why are you asking me that?” but in this calm, “I’m not going to go ballistic and slap the crud out of your nose” kind of way.

Progress people. Real progress.

Then Scout saw a fly and tried to pounce on it, effectively ending the peaceful little scenario we had going on when she landed on top of Zoey, sending the cat airborne and the fly into God knows where.

Now if only I could click the camera button fast enough to actually document all of that. Then we’d be in business.


2 responses to “A Big Moment for Puppyhood at the L Household

  1. pennypup October 19, 2011 at 10:37 pm

    Congrats! You’Re off to a good start!

    I have 3 felines here along with my dog. All 3 of them tend to avoid the dobie like the plague. o_O
    Kyuss is now 3 and the cats will tolerate him to a point. Most bat at him when he comes to sniff though.
    My one kitteh, Remi, would absolutely love Kyuss when she was in heat, but then, she would often fall in love with my shoe those days as well. She was spayed 2 weeks ago, so no more luvin for Kyuss I suppose.

  2. puppymakes4 October 26, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Aw! That’s so funny! Thanks for sharing, Pennypup!

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