Labs. They Like to Eat Things.

First off, a Halloween note. We were a little nervous about how Scout would take to Halloween. She has not liked the zombie decorations at the house on the corner of our street, veering off away from them, hair raised, on our walks. We were worried that she would work herself up with the constant ringing of the doorbell on Halloween night, and that the masked goblins and ghouls would freak her out.

Well, what do you know, but Scout loved Halloween! She did find it rather annoying that we wouldn’t let her pelt every child that came to the door. “Why are there children knocking on my door that I don’t get to play with?!” we imagined her saying. If there’s one thing Scout loves more than peanut butter, I’d wager it’s children. Or rawhide. Rawhide might be first.

Moving on. We ended up using our handy unfolding baby gate to block off the two entrances to our foyer, so that Scout could see the children, but not shower them with puppy kisses, ridding them of their makeup. By an hour into it, she’d picked up on the routine: Doorbell rings, Dad asks Scout to sit (behind the gate), Mom answers the door, passes out candy, and closes the door. End of game.

The funny thing was that about halfway through the night, we stopped blocking off the entrance that runs through our kitchen, only blocking off the one that leads straight from our living room into the foyer (and has a direct view of the front door). So, Scout could have run around through the kitchen and reached the foyer at any time, but she so easily picked up on the system that she stayed put, sitting each time the doorbell rang and staring at the kids down the hall. Huzzah! This turned out to be great doorbell training.

"Mom, did you hear that? There are children out there!"

It also wore her out, though. I think all the excitement worked her up, and then it was such a letdown that she seemed a bit disappointed. She chewed on her bone, conveniently shoved in between my feet (editorial note: ow.), and then attempted to take a half-hearted nap in between rounds of doorbell ringings.

Thankfully, at the end of the night our neighbor and her daughter, Hannah, who’s 4, stopped by in her fairy costume. Scout adores Hannah, so we let the two of them pal around for a few minutes so that Scout could finally get her child fix.

So that was our Halloween. Was everyone else’s great?

In other news, Scout is going through another “eat everything” phase. Last week, she managed to chew up a pair of my Nine West flats and one of B’s bedroom slippers. She got the other bedroom slipper Sunday. Thankfully, both pairs of shoes were destined for the donation pile soon, so out of all the shoes she could have chosen to destroy, I’m happy she chose the ones she did.

Then, this weekend, she had a mad craving for Kleenex. I was working in our bathroom, and she sneaked in three separate times while I wasn’t looking so that she could steal the very same tissue out of the trash can. She really needed that tissue. By the last time I caught her, the little tissue was in tatters and Scout was looking as guilty as ever, but she had to have that tissue!

Yesterday she shredded a peanut M&Ms wrapper (it is Halloween, after all), into tiny little pieces, which I discovered when I walked into the office and found it covering the floor. AND she ate her bed.

This was really, really depressing. Mainly because this was our last dog bed, and you can count on less than one finger the chances of B agreeing to buy her another one at this point. No, Scout’s dog bed days are over for a while, I’m afraid. Sadly, I kept waking up last night to check on her, as if sleeping on the floor was a torturous act I was forcing her to undergo. (She was fine, by the way. You would never have known otherwise compared to her normal sleeping habits.)

And then this morning, she somehow got her paws on one of Zoey’s balls, and tore it to shreds under our bed. That one I caught mid-act, but not in time to save the ball.

So Scout is chewing up a storm right now, and we’re trying our best to stay ahead of the action and maintain the damage. At the very least, perhaps she’ll keep up the handy technique she has for picking out the least-worst possible things she could destroy! ;)


6 responses to “Labs. They Like to Eat Things.

  1. autumnsunshine124 November 1, 2011 at 10:49 pm

    I love Labs, we had a chocolate lab, named Katie, my daughter was only 4 and Katie’s favorite chew toy were Barbie dolls :( very icky. We bought her all sorts of chew bones, nothing worked. Good Luck :)

  2. Donna and the Dogs November 2, 2011 at 8:22 am

    Glad your Halloween worked out so well, and doubled as a training session. Can’t beat that! Sorry she is eating everything; I can’t count how many dog beds Toby destroyed. We finally switched to un-stuffed mats, and used them for a LONG time before I started buying beds again. (He seemed attracted to the zippers and stuffing in the regular beds.) Plus, we only gave them to him when supervised (no mats in the crate), and the good news is, he did eventually outgrow that habit. So there’s hope! I use Mutt Mats, they hold up to washings well.

    • puppymakes4 November 3, 2011 at 3:35 pm

      Thank you so much for the link to Mutt Mats! We’re going to check them out asap. It’s also nice to hear that there’s hope. Scout seems to love the zippers too! Especially when she’s in her crate. I hate having the crate empty, so we have a blanket in it. I wish we could put a bed of some sort, but she’s proven it’s too much fun to eat them!

  3. ForPetsSake November 3, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    Oh no! Great idea for doorbell training, by the way!
    Our newest pup, a 7 mth old Fenway, or Muttly Magoo as I like to call him, is a destroyer of stuffies. He will destroy every tag on a stuffie and then proceed to disembowel it with glee! So sad, as neither of our other girls has any desire to molest stuffies…there aren’t many left…

    • puppymakes4 November 3, 2011 at 3:33 pm

      I know how you feel. I was really sad when Scout finally aged enough to eat her very first, and special, stuffed dog, Queenie. :( I wish she didn’t have to destroy them to love them!

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