Need a Sous Chef?

Scout has, at the ripe age of almost one-and-a-half years old, become a fabulous sous chef. Any time someone is in the kitchen, whether it be 2 am or 6 pm, you will find Scout with him or her, assisting in whatever way possible. “What’s that? You dropped a single corn kernel? Allow the Scouters to find it. I do have a superior nose that my parents are under-utilizing by not hunting with me, or so people tell them very kindly all the time.”

Yes, Scout’s retriever/bird-dog instincts are clear as day and run through her veins as strong as could be without us doing a thing to encourage them. We didn’t even bother teaching her to fetch. Scout taught herself, or really, it was so incredibly innate that when she finally realized a ball wasn’t for simply shredding into little bits (not that a little shredding doesn’t still happen when the urge strikes), retrieving became the third-most fun activity on the planet (next to playing in water and eating, of course). But since we don’t hunt, Scout has naturally found another outlet for those stealthy hunting abilities coarsing through her veins: sous chef.

Have dirty dishes?

Never fear! The Scoutimus Maximus can have them cleaned before the dishwasher even has a chance to do the work!

What’s that? You don’t want the Scouters to lick every dish in your dishwasher? Why ever not?

Need a foot warmer while you prep?

Scouters can oblige! Even if you need to move around, never fear, Scout will move around with you!

The crazy thing is that if we do happen to drop a bit of food on the floor while prepping dinner, Scout won’t touch it until we tell her “okay.” We find this rather bizarre (but in a good way) considering how food driven she is. And bizarre because we never taught her to do it. Ah, that natural hunting ability. It does come in handy.

So if you’re ever alone in the kitchen and feel like you could use some company, Scout’s your girl!


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