This is What It’s Like…and Other Updates

First off, our regular Friday interlude of This is What It’s Like to…

…have very sleepy pets. It is wintertime, after all. Aren’t we all a little more tired when it’s chilly out?

And in other, unrelated-but-super-exciting news, we won an award! I know, freak out! Or at least that’s what I’m doing right now. Donna and the Dogs, who has left us some very nice advice on a number of occasions (like to try Mutt Mats. Her pup, Toby, shares Scout’s love for destroying stuffed beds!), has given APM4 the Liebster Award! It is not possible to be more flattered and honored than I am right now :D So here are the details:

The Liebster Award translates to “Most Favorite Blog” in German (you didn’t know you got a language lesson with this post, did you?). As Donna explained on her blog, “Rather than an actual ‘award,’ it’s more of a way of spreading the word about newer blogs, by having bloggers link back to one another so that they can attract more readers.” Cool idea, huh?

The Rules:

(1) Thank the blogger that gave you the award and then add a link to their blog.

After I read Donna’s comment on APM4 explaining her awardsmanship (if that’s not a real word, it should be), I immediately did a silent happy dance (I was at work) and then sped over to her blog, Donna and the Dogs, to shower her with thank you’s. Never in a million years did I think Scout and Zoey’s antics would entertain people other than me and B (okay, mostly just me. B is far more mature than I am when it comes to our pet-children). So please put in a big thank you to Donna and visit her wonderful blog! She posts about a wide range of topics, from adventures with her dogs to really important topics like puppy mills. Donna has always impressed me with her ability to articulate important topics like these, so Donna and the Dogs is definitely a blog worth checking out. Thank you again, Donna!

(2) Reveal your top five picks (with less than 200 readers) and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

I don’t get to browse around other blogs as much as I would want, especially lately, but when I do, here’s what I recommend. These folks probably don’t even know I visit them, I’m so bad at leaving comments (SO bad), but I do! So here they are:

Arwen’s Pack: Arwen’s Pack cracks me up. They recently put together a care package drive for military working dogs and their handlers in Afghanistan. How cool is that?

According to Gus: I’m not sure if Gus has less than 200 followers or not, but I follow him all the same, so he makes the list :) Gus has to be one of the cutest things around. He and his family are on a road trip around the country, and they blog about the dog-friendly spots they stop at.

Maru Can Kiss My Furry…: Even the name of this blog makes me laugh. I was in love with Maru (the Youtube sensation) when he first came around, and I can completely picture Zoey saying that. Zo even kind of looks like Pedro! The description of this blog says it all, “I am Pedro, and I am a cat. It has recently come to my attention that there are endless opportunities for an enterprising cat with even minimal talent. Since my human is obviously an underachiever, I’ve taken my career into my own paws. And this is just the beginning…” I’m telling you. Check it out!

Baxter’s Modern Life: Baxter is an adorable Yorkie, and his blog follows his adventures in Chicago. Have you seen him in his shoes and sweater? No? You must go visit immediately.

Dog Blog: I’ve followed Dog Blog for a while–even before we adopted Scout. He posts random shots he takes of dogs on the street throughout San Francisco, and then writes hilarious captions about what the dogs might be thinking. (FYI: Adult language can pop up.)

(3) Copy and Paste the Award to Your Blog.

Done! See it in all its glory over on the left?

(4) Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers, and keep it going!


Check back tomorrow for a shot of Zoey’s face when I share the exciting news with her tonight. Admit it, you know she’s going to be so happy :)


4 responses to “This is What It’s Like…and Other Updates

  1. Donna and the Dogs December 9, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    Wow – you are incredibly fast! I took almost a week to get around to my Liebster Award. :-)
    Thank so much for the kind words about my blog, and I look forward to checking out the ones that you chose to pass the torch to. (I already follow According Gus and Arwen’s Pack and second your recommendation for both of them!)

  2. Pingback: Ear Update « And Puppy Makes Four

  3. Lori @ According to Gus January 11, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    Thank you so much for thinking of us and passing the award onto us!!

    We SO miss blogging, but have been so incredibly busy during our travels that we haven’t had time to write a new post. We can’t wait to share some photos!

    Happy New Year!!

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