The Holidays are Here

This past weekend, Scout and Zoey helped me set up our Christmas tree. I was a little concerned about how Scout would handle the tree. Last year, she was around 16 weeks old when Christmas rolled around, so we unfolded our handy baby play pen we used when she was a puppy…

…and put it up around the tree. Wa-lah! Instant puppy-proofed Christmas tree.

But this year I wanted to ditch the gate, and I was worried that Scout would think we’d just given her the world’s biggest stick to chew on. Her record precedes her, you know.

But once again, Scout showed how much she’s matured in the last few months. We put the tree in the stand, let her out of her crate, and what did she do? She promptly asked to go out, went out, and ate some poop without a backwards glance at the tree that had suddenly taken up residence her abode.

Now is that growth or what? … ;)



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