The Return of the Ear Infection

Scout’s one-year checkup was this past Saturday (we learned that they don’t do the one-year checkup when the pet turns one year old; they do it when it’s the one-year anniversary of their last set of shots). So, we got up Saturday morning and brought Scout to see Dr. C., complete with flashbacks to when she was little and went to see him for the very first time:

This is still one of my favorite pictures of Scout. I love the expression on her face: “What are you people doing to me?”

So anyway, back to the day at hand. Scout was her usual super-sweet self when we arrived, and just like when she was little, she became shy once Dr. C. came into the room. Something about the atmosphere makes Scout turn shy at the vet, and has since she was little. This time, she sat down directly in between B’s legs, and wasn’t budging. They coaxed/pried her out and proceeded with the exam. She’s fully grown now, and weighs in at 49.5 pounds! But she still looks dainty to us ;)

The only poor news of the visit was that her ear infection has returned in the left ear. Apparently (and this got B and I a bit upset), the doctor B took Scout to see the first time around didn’t really give us good instructions for treating her ear. What B was told to do: Put a good drop in each ear, and clean it in a week. So that’s what we did. Dr. C. has a very different method: Clean the ears every day, wait 30 minutes, and then administer 8-10 drops/ear. Very different. Grr.

So all this week we’ve been cleaning and treating, and I have to say that her ear is looking significantly better now. Dr. C. wasn’t sure if this is leftover from the last infection that was never really treated, or if this is a new one, so we’re going to start cleaning her ears once every couple weeks as a preventative measure. If Scout still ends up with ear infections on a regular basis, then we may have some food allergies to worry with (so let’s hope this clears it up!).

Last time Scout’s ear was infected, Pennypup left us some great advice on how to treat ear infections in dogs cheaper than the vet’s prescription meds:

f.y.i. If she gets another infection in the future, you can buy some over the counter polysporin ear & eye drops and use them instead. Usually cheaper ($14 here) than the stuff at the vet’s office ($35 at my vet). =D

This time around we didn’t even realize that Scout’s ear was still infected (and she wasn’t really showing signs of it bothering her), so we were caught off guard by the whole event. We went with the meds Dr. C. gave us, but if this becomes a reoccurring thing we’ll need to do some reading about Pennypup’s method!


4 responses to “The Return of the Ear Infection

  1. Donna and the Dogs December 15, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    Awww…love the puppy photo. Good luck with her ear infection, hope it clears up soon now that you got the proper instructions. :-)

  2. Cathy December 16, 2011 at 9:12 am

    Sorry to hear about the ear infection!! =( My pup got them alot, always in the same ear. At one point, she shook her head so much, she got an aural hematoma (collection of blood on ear flap) and eventually had surgery. I clean her ears once a week (with epi otic) and [knock on wood] hasn’t had any issues. Hope Scout gets better quickly. Good luck! =D

  3. catfest December 17, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    What a Sweet pup! I squealed when I saw her and wanted to pet her little fuzzy head. I hope she’s going to be finished with the ear trouble. One of my cats, Freckle, is prone to mites. Yick.

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