At Almost One and a Half, a Puppy Gets Some New Habits

Just because Scout’s not a puppy (in the strictest sense of the word) anymore doesn’t mean she’s too old to learn some new tricks. Or teach herself, as it turns out.

Let’s start with her most recent habit: putting her paws up on the kitchen counter when we’re not in the room and giving the countertop a good old-fashioned bath. We don’t know this is happening because Scout is a fantastic cleaner and keeps the countertop sparkling clean. No, we know this is happening because we come downstairs to find a countertop covered in muddy dog paws.

Lovely. Especially first thing in the morning, right? Scout never fails to look supremely guilty whenever we discover it. She hangs her head when we point to the counters and ask, “Did you do this? Is this you?” Oh, the shame! You would think we were beating her the way she looks in response. Then again, it doesn’t stop her from doing it again the very next morning. We’re on to the trend, and don’t leaving food out, so she’s always unsuccessful, but very persistent.

The other habit she’s developed has been over the last few months, we just have yet to mention it. She loves, loves, LOVES to squirm her way in between people’s legs. I don’t mean just to stand there. I mean she squirms in between your legs, then circles back around and back through, making an infinite figure eight. In and out, back and forth, around and around. She loves it. Of course the whole time we’re petting her and laughing, so I can see why.

Other habits:

– Smelling Zoey’s bottom. Apparently Scout feels comfortable enough with Zo to now initiate full-on dog habits with her, namely checking out her rear whenever she deems it applicable. As you can imagine, Zoey finds this a less than fabulous habit and never fails to whap Scout on the head. Scout doesn’t seem to mind.

– Digging holes in the yard. This appears to be great fun, especially after it rains. B is thrilled.

– Learning new words. Scout has, in the past few months, taught herself the meaning of” raw hide” and “wait.” “Raw hide” is rather annoying as we now have to spell that one, but “wait” is handy. As in, “Wait, don’t jump in the car right now. I’ve got food in the seat!”

In other happy news, we read in the paper that our new dog park is going to have—drum roll—a pool! Now Scout’s prayer have really been answered. She’s never been in a full-fledged swimming pool, but after her romp in the creek last summer (click here for video and forgive the sideways camera-phone shooting), and her love of the hose and her wading pool, can you imagine how much she’s going to love a swimming pool?

Is it summer yet?


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