A Reprieve From Ear Infections

Two weekends ago, we broke down and called the vet about Scout’s ear. We’d been hoping that we could get her transitioned to her new food fast enough to prevent the latest one from flaring up big time, but after a couple restless nights, we knew we needed medicine to solve it. So, we called the vet’s office, and thankfully Dr. C. was comfortable with us not bringing her in and just calling in something for us to pick up. This saved us the time and expense of having to go to another vet visit. This time, Dr. C. prescribed a completely new round of meds for Scout. For the past week, she’s been on a pill that she gets with breakfast (down the hatch it goes without even a blink from her) and a round of ear cleanings and drops before bed. The drops are a new medicine this time, something more powerful according to Dr. C.

I’m happy to say that we saw improvement almost immediately. Scout is almost done with the drops and pills, and her ear is looking sparkly clean right now. She also hasn’t been messing with it and has been sleeping through the night. She can’t stand the process of cleaning her ear, which I can only imagine is pretty uncomfortable. I had bad ear infections myself growing up, and I remember how amplified the noise of someone digging around inside your ear can be. Scout is smart enough to know that our cooing and encouragement are all trickery just to get her over to us so that we can dig around in her ear canal. She staunchly refuses to cooperate in that regard. Her eyes go to that cleaning bottle like bullets and she doesn’t let it out of her sight. If it’s even near you, she’s not coming close. So, we’ve had to resort to other forms of trickery to get the job done, namely tag teaming where one person corrals her over to the other.

Our hope is that this has wiped out the infection she has been fighting off, and that we can keep a clean slate moving forward on this new food. If the infections come back, we’ll be going to the vet for some blood testing so that we can figure out what’s going on.


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