A Puppy’s Anticipation of Spring

Try as it might, winter is losing its battle to spring out where we live. Which means one thing for the girls: more playtime outside! For Scout at least. Zoey could really care less about going outside, which is great for us since she’s an indoor-only kind of lady.

For Scout, spring and summer are, as they say, “the most wonderful time(s) of the year.” Warm weather means playing in the hose while we water the grass, romping through the sprinkler, trying to nuzzle the ducklings that live at the lake and wander into our yard…


…playing in the creek. And this summer means another fun thing: possible pool time, thanks to the dog park being built nearby. But with spring—no matter how early it comes—is also rain, and plenty of it. Scout hasn’t been on a really good walk in over a week now, simply because we can’t seem to have any time at home that doesn’t coincide with a downpour. She’s tired of it.


Entertaining a puppy indoors is a challenge. Scout plays a low-key version of fetch in our hallway, sliding across the hardwoods and pooling the rug up against the front door. (If the doorbell ever rings, we’re going to have a time getting her away from the door while simultaneously unfurling the rug.) We also give her mind games, asking her to Find Mommy or Daddy or even Zoey. She’s a pro at Find Daddy, a semipro at Find Mommy, and is just catching on to Find Zoey. (It doesn’t help that sometimes when I don’t know where Zoey is and ask Scout to find her, Zoey turns out to be right under my feet. I asked Scout to Find Zoey the other night while I was making dinner, and she looked at me like I’d lost my mind. Zoey was sitting next to me on a bar stool at the kitchen island. Doh!)

So until the rains subside, Scout searches for ways to keep herself entertained indoors. Perhaps this weekend will bring some sun!


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