A Stroke of Luck

Last night, B and I decided to cancel Scout’s vet appointment (scheduled for tomorrow). We’ve noticed a change in her ear-related demeanor (who would have ever thought we’d pay so much attention to such a thing) since making the appointment last week. She’s stopped rubbing at her ear, and stopped flapping them entirely. What’s changed?

The only thing we’ve changed about her routine lately has been to add yogurt to her meals. We mentioned that we were going to try this a while back, but we wanted to wait until we’d made the move to a new food before adding another new element. But the yogurt has seemed to do wonders. She gets a dollop of plain yogurt with breakfast and sometimes dinner too. Not only does she love it (no surprise there, she loved it as a puppy too), but all symptoms of ear discomfort have vanished.

Of course, I can’t be sure that it’s all related to the yogurt, but that’s the only thing we’ve consciously altered in her routine, so that’s what we have to go on. Perhaps there’s some pro-biotic that she was lacking that’s helped with the bacteria in her ear? Who knows. All we’re sure of is that a container of yogurt looks to have saved us another vet bill and made for a happier puppy. Cheers to that!


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