We’re Going to Donate Our Bank Account to the Vet

Scout’s ear is infected again. We went to clean it last night, and it was really inflamed. Poor Scout actually cringed when we touched her ear and then cried when we squirted the medicine in it and tried to rub her ear with the cotton ball. Cried this heartbreaking, soul-crushing sound you never, ever want to hear from your pet-child. B and I both stopped immediately and showered her with apologetic love as we shared a look that said, “Something’s wrong.” Scout has never reacted that way when we cleaned her ears, even when they were really infected before.

So we have a vet apt. for this Thursday afternoon. At this point, we’ll do whatever we have to so that Scout’s pain will go away. Make her food homemade instead of buying store-bought? Just say the word. Massage her ears each night with L’Occitane lotion? Done. Paint her toenails? You get the gist.


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