Out with the Cat Smell

What's all the excitement about?

The Zoey smell is officially out of our carpet. Thank you to everyone who offered up their suggestions (and your own war stories!) in our original post. We ended up, after months of trying, having to get the carpet cleaned. Here’s how it went down.

After all our efforts, we managed to get the stain out completely and the smell down to a dull “What is that?” kind of vibe. After that, there was no moving forward. Nothing seemed to get that last bit out. So, we called a local carpet cleaning company, and a helpful man told us over the phone that they deal with this type of thing often and he was confident he could get it out.

So yesterday afternoon he stopped by, and B and he ventured into our smelly guest room. (I have a cold and was asleep in the master bedroom, so I missed the fun.) They pulled back the carpet, and the man showed B where Zoey’s pee had migrated after she let it loose. No wonder we weren’t getting the smell out! There was a stain all along the wall on the carpet pad. The man offered to replace the stained section of the pad if B would run to Lowe’s (about 5 minutes away from us) and pick it up. B did so, and he installed it and then proceeded to use a disinfectant on both the underside and top of the carpet, and then clean the entire room.

And after all that, the carpet looks great. The smell is completely gone, and hopefully Zoey won’t be tempted again. Can we put this whole saga behind us? We hope so. It didn’t go down exactly as we’d planned, but the end result is like lifting a small weight off our shoulders. Now, if only Scout’s ears would improve…But that’s a story for another post. Maybe tomorrow?


3 responses to “Out with the Cat Smell

  1. Kitty Bloger April 18, 2012 at 7:42 am

    beautiful and adorable cat :)

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