This is What It’s Like to…

scout on the couch

…have your parents cave in to the one house rule: No dogs on the furniture.

It just happened.

Last weekend, B and I were both under the weather and sitting on the couch side by side. The living room windows were open. A nice breeze was coming in. We sat there sniffling, sinuses stopped up and heads a little foggy. Scout came over in her usual way, asking for love. B gladly obliged, hoisting Scout’s front legs over his bent knee and patting her stomach, the two of them talking to one another in Scout language. “Rawrrr, rawrrr, rawrr. Ah, rawrr, rawrr, rawrr.” After a minute or two, Scout cocked her head back and tried to lick B’s face. In an effort to stretch and reach him as he stretched to avoid her flapping pink tongue, she hiked her back legs up onto his knees, thereby in effect sitting in his lap.

“Do you see this?” he asked me.


“Are you okay with it?”

“I’m trying to decide.”

And in that short window of time before I had decided, Scout slid ever so casually off his lap and onto the couch between us. I wish we could have recorded the moment. She sat there for a second, frozen, looking at us and waiting for our reaction. It was as if the three of us were all waiting for someone to either sanction what had just happened or announce that it wasn’t, in fact, okay and correct it.

And so the three of us sat there in a row on the couch, the breeze blowing in from the lake, and contemplated our new-found situation. After a few still minutes, Scout rotated ever so gently into a more comfortable position, and rested her head on my lap. She let out the kind of sigh that one releases only when perfectly content with the world.

A few minutes later, we all got up to make dinner, and that was that.

In the week following, B has asked Scout to join him on the couch a handful of times. Like the lady she is, she does not get up on the couch without being invited, which has been a pleasant surprise. It’s as if she realizes that these are special moments, and each time she gets to experience once, she seems overjoyed.

Funny how a little couch can do so much.


4 responses to “This is What It’s Like to…

  1. Donna and the Dogs April 20, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    Too cute…can’t wait to see what other rules she’ll get you to bend… :-)

  2. ForPetsSake April 22, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    I know there’s plenty of reasons not to let them on the couch, but some of my happiest moments are snuggling on the couch with my pups. Have a happy Sunday!

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