This is What It’s Like to…

…not want your ear medicine so badly that you put yourself up in your crate at the sight of the cleaning solution bottle.

Tuesday night, after 11 days of administering Scout’s ear medicine, we ran out of ear drops with three days left to go. So on Wednesday, I called the vet and explained. At this point, Scout’s ear looked about 75% to 80% healed. Dr. C decided that instead of refilling the drops, he was going to swap out Scout’s medicine for something that would (hopefully) knock this infection out and let us move on to the diagnosis stage.

So, we began a new medicine routine on Wednesday: Prednisone pills twice a day (tapering off after the first three days), a different ear drop formula, and a different ear cleanser. Scout seems to tolerate this ear cleanser a little better than the last, which she couldn’t stand. This cleanser is supposed to have a different formula that will better prevent yeast from building in her ear canal—a bonus because yeast is our problem here.

The Prednisone makes Scout very thirsty, which in turn makes her have to use the bathroom more. We’ve been keeping her water bowl filled and letting her out whenever she asks, even if we wonder if she really has to go (so far, she has). Other than that, she’s accepted her medicine routine with little protest. I’m afraid to say that we’ve become accustomed to twice-daily ear washings and “downstairs” swabbing, but I’m ready to be on to the diagnosis stage of all of this. I’m sure Scout is too.


One response to “This is What It’s Like to…

  1. pennypup April 27, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    I’m glad Scout is taking the routine better. I hope you find out the root cause of this soon!

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