Finders Keepers

A few nights ago, as I sat in the kitchen and chatted with my Mom, Scout came over to see me. There’s nothing new in this. Who wouldn’t come over to a seemingly unoccupied person and ask for a little scratch behind the ear? But when she wandered over, I noticed a look on her face. Not just any look, but the “I’ve Found Something and Thought You Should Have It” look. The look that most often means that she’s discovered some tissues or a Zoey toy and thinks we need to know. Scout has done this, as many of you know, since she was a puppy, delivering to us all kinds of goodies she forages for around the house. The ones she wants to keep—the cotton balls, mainly—she takes underneath the bed and gums to death.

Yes, I ate this tissue. Yes, I am still partially underneath the bed.

But that’s not what Scout brought me. When I asked Scout to “drop it,” she promptly listened, and what should fall gently out of her mouth but my earring. I didn’t even know it’d fallen off, but Scout did, and must have smelled my scent on it, because she brought it right to me. (Thank GOD she didn’t swallow it!)

Perhaps she can help us find the missing socks the drier eats next…

You might have noticed that our amount of posting has fallen off in the past few months. Blame it on life, blame it on busyness, but mainly blame it on a little side adventure B and I have been working on for years now that finally took off. See what we’ve been up to here!


2 responses to “Finders Keepers

  1. The Iceland Experience May 23, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    Maybe you can train her to find missing earrings? I could use a dog like that :) Lucky indeed that she didn’t swallow it!

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