A Bad Cat Makes for Unhappy People

Zoey is temperamental. We’ve never hid this. We’ve talked about her treatment of Scout and her occasional flare-ups of attitude. But she’s our first born, and we’ve always forgiven her, attributing it to her rough start in life. (Recap: We adopted Zo from a shelter when she was 6 months old. We were the third family to take her; the second family’s children tried to flush her down the toilet.) For years it was just us and Zoey, and we love her dearly.

All this love doesn’t make it easy to live with Zoey sometimes though. Ever since we’ve moved, we’ve wondered if Zoey is happy. Over the past few months, we’ve noticed that she’s increasingly stayed to herself. She cuddles with B and I at night, but during the day she’ll stay by herself, either asleep on the loveseat in the kitchen sitting area or upstairs. Rarely does she visit with us during the day. This might not be strange behavior for some cats, but Zoey was always very sociable, especially with us. We’ve wondered if it’s because she has more room now, or if she’s not as happy in the new house, or if it’s something else entirely that we’re not thinking of.

We’ve also been having a problem with her using the bathroom on the floor, an issue we thought was a one-time deal. Over the past three weeks, Zoey has defecated on the floor within a few feet of her litter box three times. Once was really timely—after telling friends about Zoey’s occasional defecating incidents on the floor, she promptly defecated that night, right on the floor. It’s like she can speak English and thought she should demonstrate.

But last night, as I went to hang up some clothes and head to bed, I stepped in something unexpected. I looked down, and there on the floor in the closet was a puddle of fresh urine. It’d been there long enough to soak in partially, but it was still wet enough that I noticed it with my bare feet. Zoey had once again peed on the carpet.

We did our best to get it all out as both Scout and Zoey watched, Scout with a confused look on her face and Zoey half-hidden behind the curtains. We know that there can be  health-related causes behind this kind of behavior, so we’re going to give our vet a call today to chat about it, which will probably result in a trip to the vet with Zoey. Quick, say Oh my gosh that’s going to be so much fun five times fast with me in a very sarcastic voice! Our new 2012 goal: Do not go broke taking care of our pets.


5 responses to “A Bad Cat Makes for Unhappy People

  1. christine June 1, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Here’s hoping the vet has some answers and Zoey is back to her normal self soon. I’m so glad you’re taking her in and not just blaming her for being naughty. Sending good thoughts..

  2. Tegan June 3, 2012 at 4:00 am

    From what I know about cats (i.e. not much!) it sounds like Zoey’s a bit stressed about changing house. :( Toileting issues is very stress typical. I hope Zoey can settle down soon.

  3. Donna and the Dogs June 4, 2012 at 8:11 am

    Glad you are taking her to the vet just before. My cat, Cinder, gets stress induced cystitis, and the vet usually clears it up with a round of antibiotics along with anti-immflamatories. Let us know how she makes out!

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