Zoey is an Actress

Our cat belongs in Hollywood. Bathed in bright lights, her paw prints in the sidewalk of Rodeo Drive. Can’t you see her lapping up milk from a crystal saucer pool-side? Zoey can. Very, very easily.

Zoey at the vet. See how thrilled she is to be there?

After Zoey’s last bout of urinating on the floor, we took her to the vet. We managed to get her in pretty quickly, so we got an answer on Friday. And that answer was…nothing. Zoey is fine. Health-wise, she is perfectly normal, just dandy, a great specimen of a cat. But we all agreed—myself, B, and Dr. C—that Zoey is a little uptight. Yes, that’s right, our cat has a touch of anxiety. Not so much anxiety that she needs medication, but enough anxiety that if you slightly walk differently, she’s going to urinate in your closet.

The ironic thing is that Zoey has been in a fabulous mood since we brought her home from the vet’s. B jokes that it’s as if she’s sucking up to us so that we’ll never bring her back to see Dr. C again. She has been abnormally cheery, but we’re enjoying it while it lasts.

As for what we discussed with Dr. C, we have a few methods that we’re going to try to help make Zoey more comfortable using her litter box and not our floors. First off, we’re going to assume that semi-middle age (she turns 6 on June 11) is making Zoey more picky about the cleanliness of her litter box, so we’re going to start cleaning it twice a day, morning and night, in an attempt to keep it as spick and span as humanly possible without monitoring it 24/7. If this doesn’t rectify the problem, we can add the kitty equivalent of a Glade Plugin: a plugin that goes into the wall and releases cat pheromones that help your kitty find, as Ellen calls it, that “loving center of peace.” If this doesn’t work, we’ll go back to the drawing board. There are a slew of other options out there, because cats are finicky creatures that don’t have cut-and-dry answers to their behavioral problems. Because Zoey’s appetite is normal, her coat and weight are healthy, and she is still using the litter box the majority of the time, Dr. C doesn’t believe this is health related. Zoey must get irked by something and goes off and has a private tantrum on our carpet every once and a while. Our job is to figure out what’s doing the irking, and fix it. Pronto.


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