This is What It’s Like To…

…watch over the house while your parents are out of town for the week.

Forgive our recent radio silence. B and I attempted to take a vacation for our anniversary this past week. I say attempted because if the universe tries to tell you things—things such as, “Don’t go on your vacation”—and you ignore them multiple times and go anyway, you end up with the type of vacation we just had: lots of wonderful high points infused with lots of crazy, stressful low points. The high points: seeing dear friends, receiving sweet and generous gifts from family, giving Zoey the house to herself to enjoy, running into a college basketball player from your glory days and getting his autograph, and letting Scout play with her puppy-cousin Edward. The low points: having work to do over your vacation (it’s impossible to really get away, isn’t it?), and receiving a text during dinner that says, “Scout has diarrhea. What do you want us to do?”

First response: Dang it.

We received just such a text message during dinner one night, and went on to learn that Scout and Edward both had come down with a case of very bad diarrhea. Thank goodness it was short lived, but long enough for Scout, who was in  her crate when the sickness occurred, to badly stain her Aunt M’s carpet. We’re still not sure if they got into something or if one of them was sick and passed it to the other, but there were a few unhappy hours in the Aunt M household one day. (Thankfully it has all passed now.) Let’s just say that Aunt M described the scene in three words: projectile, explosive diarrhea. That’s a fun picture.

So we returned from vacation exhausted, having left a lasting impression in Aunt M’s carpet (at least until we get it carpet cleaned) and learned of her unwaveringly upbeat attitude toward Scout. Aunt M is a champ. One days we’ll get this slogan etched in solid gold, after we win the lottery and can afford to etch words in expensive items and give them away.

In the meantime, Zoey enjoyed herself thoroughly. A friend and co-worker took the above picture while visiting with her one day. Zoey didn’t know what to do with the feral cat that made itself at home on our back porch doormat. They watched it for a few minutes, and then went back to their movie, Zoey sitting on my friend’s lap, purring away. Just the way a vacation should be.


One response to “This is What It’s Like To…

  1. Donna and the Dogs June 16, 2012 at 7:46 am

    Sorry Scout was sick while you were gone – always the way isn’t it? They were probably up partying all night…that’s what kids do when the parents are gone! Glad whatever it was, it was short lived.

    BTW: Happy Anniversary!!

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