Scout Goes Under

On Wednesday, Scout will head to Dr. C’s and undergo the ear-cleaning treatment that we were hoping to avoid. Dr. C will sedate her and clean the build-up of wax that has formed around her ear drum.

It sounds simple because that’s all that’s involved, and we’re hoping that it does turn out to be that simple. We talked and decided that we want to transition Scout to grain-free food after all, so we started that transition this weekend. We wanted to begin the transition while we still had a fair amount of her old food left, so that we can take it nice and slowly and avoid upsetting her system. You know Scout, she’ll eat anything. She hasn’t even blinked at the new food. :)

To pick a new food, I scoured online reviews, a lot of which were from the website Dog Food Advisor. Finally, we settled on Wellness CORE. I’m not going to say it’s cheap, because it’s really not, but after all we’ve been through with Scout’s allergies, we’ve got to find something that will work for her. Keep your fingers crossed that Wednesday’s appointment goes well. We’ll let you know how she pulls through!


2 responses to “Scout Goes Under

  1. fostrickson June 25, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    We have had to switch Mylo’s food a number of times for allergy reasons too. And the least allergenic is always the most expensive, unfortunately. Hope it works out for you all!

  2. Donna and the Dogs June 26, 2012 at 10:02 am

    Good luck today Scout! And good luck with the food change….
    We had such a problem w/Toby’s allergies…we ended up putting him on Rabbit and Potato IVD for over a year, and then we slowly added foods back in to see what he reacted too. The IVD was expensive too, but it cleared his staph infections, ear infections, and runs, almost immediately, so it was well worth it!

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