Scout Tries Ground Beef, Among Other News

We had a mellow Fourth of July this year (wait—what am I talking about? They’ve been mellow for years). We invited a group of friends over last-minute, and one couple was able to make it, so we primped and polished the house a touch and planned a laid-back Fourth-appropriate menu: grilled burgers and corn, pasta salad, and strawberry-pretzel pie. Our friends live on the very opposite side of the city from us, and being the Fourth, traffic was horrible as people traveled to their various fireworks-watching spots. So, they were almost an hour late arriving.

While we waited, B prepped the burgers and left them on a plate on the counter, and then we got involved in an episode of The Mentalist. You can see where this is going by now, can’t you? Somewhere between Patrick Jane catching the murderer and Lisben rolling her eyes at him (Mentalist references, for the uninitiated), I heard the faint sound of puppy paws landing back on the floor. Back on the floor, meaning they were at one time not on the floor. I jumped off the couch and entered the kitchen just in time to see Scout scarfing down a huge mouthful of raw burger meat.

Of course, she got in trouble. Of course, she acted as if she was sorry, but not too sorry. After all, this is raw meat we’re talking about. What dog is going to turn down a plate full of burgers? B had even been so kind as to season them for her!

The rest of the day we waited for any adverse effects. Scout’s system must like raw burgers more than cat poo. She never even let out so much as a burp.

We did manage to salvage the other half of the plate, which Scout hadn’t touched yet, so (cooked) burgers were still had by all the humans in the house.

On to the other news…

We don’t know what all the fuss is about. Fireworks are loud!

As you know, Scout’s ears were deep-cleaned last week. It stunk, and we never want to do it again. On Dr. C’s instruction, we cleaned Scout’s ears on Friday, both ears, as thoroughly as we could. Her right ear was perfectly clean, while her left had a touch of dirt, but nothing really major at all. Fast forward to last night, four days after cleaning her ears, and on a whim, I decided to look into her left ear. You know, just to see.

Let’s look at the positive side first: Her ear was not inflamed. Bad news: It was filthy. Very, very dirty. Much dirtier than it was on Friday when we cleaned it. We’re worried about over-cleaning, something Dr. C said is to be avoided, so we’re going to try not to clean it until Friday, but we’re concerned by how quickly it became dirty again. Her new food will take 6-8 weeks to start showing results. Let’s hope we can get to then without another vet visit.


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