And Then She Ate the Rug

Yesterday, while B worked on job applications, he noticed that Scout had wandered away. The house was eerily quiet. There was no puppy dragging a bone around the room, no tennis balls being dropped at his feet, no kisses being given while he worked. The dog was nowhere to be found.

Found she was, a few short moments later, in the foyer. She was munching on—pause for effect—our Pottery Barn rug. That’s right, Pottery Barn. Not Walmart, not Target. Pottery Barn.

It looks like such a tiny corner in this photo, but what you don’t see are the little nibbles taken out of the side all the way down it to the opposite corner. We’re calling yesterday “my ear hurt and I ate your rug” day. Ate your “expensive and can’t replace it” rug. This behavior is so unlike Scout that we’re attributing it to her ear, which is still under treatment for her latest ear infection and is still bothering her. At this point, Scout’s list of items she’s destroyed is growing, and all have to do with ear infections.

  1. At roughly 12 weeks, she chewed up one of my Dansko shoes. It was her first experience chewing something “illegal” and she never touched another shoe—no, another object at all—until…
  2. She ate B’s bedroom slipper last October, when she had her first-ever ear infection.
  3. She ate B’s Nike Fit sensor during her last round of ear infections.
  4. And yesterday, she ate the rug.

Of course, I’m not counting the usual things she eats when she’s healthy. The cotton balls fished out of the trash can, the Kleenexes, the receipts. These are so normal we don’t even bat an eye anymore when we walk in the bedroom and find them spread across the floor, torn into little shreds. But the rug? Say it ain’t so, Scout. Chalk this up to another reason we need to get her ears healthy: so that our furniture will survive!

I should mention that she was horribly sad and apologetic about it. She knew we were upset. She moped for hours afterward. Unfortunately, she does not know how to sew a wool rug back together, only how to put on a sad puppy face with the best of ’em.


2 responses to “And Then She Ate the Rug

  1. pennypup July 26, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    Ahhh nooo!!! Poor Scout, her ears must be driving her crazy. Being on a strict diet sucks at times like this. Does she like ice? I freeze water bottles with 1/4 of the water inside. Then I add 1/4 cold water when I take them out of the freezer, and let Kyuss have ’em. He loves them on hot days; he crunches them into oblivion.

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