Zoey is Asking for It

Last week, when Scout ate our rug, I forgot to mention something: Zoey urinated on the floor that day. Yeah, it was a banner day for our girls.

Then again this morning, after I refilled Zoey’s food, she peed on the floor again. Both times we’ve checked her litter box to make sure it was clean, and it was. It wasn’t perfect this morning, but honestly, what does she expect us to do? Clean it in our sleep? It was by far not dirty, but she chose to go to the bathroom two feet away in front of the closet door instead.

Because we’re having so much trouble, we’ve decided to take another litter box we happen to have (a newer one we bought for her that she didn’t like before) and put it in our guest bathroom, use a baby gate to block off the door from the dog, and see if having two litter box choices will help Zoey out. Dr. C told us about this back when we brought Zoey in about this issue earlier this year. So we’re going to try it and see where it gets us. This is a horrible habit that we have to somehow stop.


2 responses to “Zoey is Asking for It

  1. pennypup July 30, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    Does Zoey eat dry food? Does the urine smell very strong?
    If she’s eating dry, perhaps try switching her to canned only with about 2 to 3 tbs of water added to each serving.
    My kitty who likes to use the floor as a bathroom has cistitis and I find the more water in her diet, the less often she pees on the floor. I also add calcium to her food. 1/4 of a pill per day seems to help.

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