Scout Turns Two, and Zoey Becomes Happy Again

Tomorrow is Scout’s second birthday.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve had her in our lives for two years. What a flash it’s been! She has turned into such a wonderful dog, as you all know. I wouldn’t say that this has been an easy year, what with her food allergies and all, but I’m happy to report (and hoping I don’t jinx us) that she’s doing well and has been infection free for about two weeks now. We’re using a new product with a name I can’t recall that we give her twice a week, just a drop in each ear, that is specifically made to help prevent food allergy-related ear infections in dogs. So far, it seems to be doing its job. Say a prayer with us that it continues to do so!

But back to birthday news. Last year, we did a little tribute post to Scout and posted a video we made. I still love that video, and want to make one for this birthday too, but we decided to wait to make the video. Why? Because we’ve got a surprised planned for Scout and want to include footage in the video. Stay tuned!

As for Zoey, I’m also happy to report that we seemed to have stopped her pee-on-the-floor habit. How? We finally got frustrated and moved her litter box to the bathroom and put it in the tub. Solution found! She seems to love it in there, and has been much happier since. Who knew?


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