The Magic of a Puppy

I follow a blog through the New York Times called Life, Interrupted. Unlike most blogs you think of—fashion pictures, daily ramblings, DIY home renovations—this one is written by a twenty-something young woman named Suleika Jaouad. Suleika has leukemia. She writes of her struggles, her dreams and her fears, and how her diagnosis has changed her life and its daily occurrences. I encourage you to start at the beginning, as I did, and read all of her columns. I promise you they’re worth it.

photo by Ashley Woo from NYT

Today’s column was close to my heart. Suleika has finally gotten the okay from her doctors to adopt a dog. She writes, “It’s a sign of my progress that I’m allowed to be around a dog at all. My immune system is getting stronger, my doctors tell me. Oscar can’t change what’s going on in my bone marrow. But I can feel that he’s already working magic.”

This couldn’t be more true, don’t you think? There are special places in our hearts for our pets, voids filled only by the touch of soft, warm fur under our fingers and the feel of a companion by your side as you nap. They are there only to be with you, nothing more, no other motives. They don’t care if you have cancer and have lost all your hair, or what you look like at all, really. Dogs can be healing—if not physically, then mentally. They encourage you to concentrate on the present, to look past your troubles and simply be. I think that in today’s overworked, million-miles-an-hour lifestyle we all live, that’s something pretty special.


One response to “The Magic of a Puppy

  1. pennypup October 2, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    Oh my. I can already feel the tears welling up! I’m sure going to enjoy this read.
    Thank-you for sharing. <3

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