Scout Goes on an Eating Rampage


In the last two weeks, Scout has practically eaten us out of house and home. Let me quickly summarize what her stomach-of-steel has ingested the pieces and parts of, that I can remember:

  1. Multiple Zoey toys.
  2. Two Snickers bars.
  3. More receipts than we can keep track of.
  4. Business cards.
  5. A McCormick spice mix that was in a larger bag of food items set aside for the food shelter. She smelled like rosemary and French onion dip the rest of the night. All we found was a hollowed-out shell of plastic. (See below.)
  6. A thermometer, last week while B and I both had the flu. She thankfully left the batteries and computer chip for us to find.
  7. And just tonight: my Burts Bees lip balm, a hair tie, a pen, and a bottle of eye drops. All from my side table by the bed.


This has to be a record for her. Scout has had brief bouts of eating odd things before (the potting rocks live in infamy), but all have been related to ear infections. We thought we had solved the infections, but now that this sudden, frequent eating has developed, we cannot help but wonder if another infection is around the corner…

It pains us for her to always be in trouble. The face she makes when she knows we’ve stumbled onto something bad is heartbreaking. I’m probably anthropomorphizing her, but I swear the expression in her eyes makes me think that she feels like she’s disappointed us.

Her two-year checkup is coming up, so her ears will be checked out. We can discuss her sudden influx in illegal eating with Dr. C and get his input on it. We worry that she’ll ingest something that will make her sick or warrant surgery. And in the meantime the only way we feel like we can keep her safe is to crate her while we aren’t home. Do any of you have experiences like this, where your dog suddenly begins eating things out of the blue? If only she spoke English and I could explain, “My dear Scout, ball point pens are not digestible, even for Labradors.”


One response to “Scout Goes on an Eating Rampage

  1. dailyspro December 5, 2012 at 7:52 am

    My pup went on an eating binge like this as well. We crated him, and then decided to use an x-frame to lock him in our main floor hallway when we weren’t home with some hardcore chew toys. We haven’t had an issue yet. We also found that taking him for a 20-30 min walk in the morning before we left for work solved most of the issues. He was getting bored when he was home and looked for something interesting. Since he’s now a bit more tired when we leave, he pretty much sleeps the entire morning away!

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