New Year, Same Scout

The last time we checked in with you we were worried that Scout might be getting another ear infection due to the uptick in stealthy eating she was experiencing. (Read: Scout stole a lot of stuff she shouldn’t have and ate it. A lot.) So in December we took Scout to see Dr. C for her two-year checkup.

First off, let’s pause and marvel at the fact that this whole journey began two years ago. My my, time flies!

Dr. C was excited to see Scout and her progress, while Scout was less than excited. She spent the majority of the time giving us a look that said, “What are we doing here? I remember this place, and I’m very concerned about why we’re here.”


The verdict was that Scout is doing great. Her ears are infection free, so her eating habits are most likely due to the fact that she gets a little bored during the day when we’re not home. (Who wouldn’t?) Dr. C said that the next phase of the allergy testing would be to slowly reintroduce the ingredients of her previous food back into her diet in order to see which one triggers a reaction. But Dr. C said that with all the trouble Scout had that it might be best to let things rest where they are, and we agreed.

But lo and behold, Scout decided to test things herself. Last Friday, we arrived home from work to find tiny shreds of plastic all over the living room rug. All over. I knelt down and began examining them. They had a familiar logo on them, but it was hard to make out. Finally, I figured it out. It was the remains of a bread bag. I went into the kitchen. While we were out, Scout had discovered where our bread basket is on the shelves of our kitchen island. Somehow she overturned the basket, and then devoured every last morsel of bread in the house. In one sitting. I’m not sure if shredding the bags into tiny bits was a necessary part of breaking into said bags or just plain fun. Either way, the bread was gone. An entire loaf of sandwich bread and two hotdog buns were currently rumbling around in Scout’s belly, and here she was, begging for dinner as if all was normal.

We watched all weekend, but Scout never had a reaction to the bread she ate. I suppose it’s safe to say that she can have grain now, which leaves chicken and rice on her allergy list. Either way, we don’t plan on introducing anything new to her diet—and hopefully she won’t either!


One response to “New Year, Same Scout

  1. Mom January 8, 2013 at 5:45 am

    So how do we train dogs to stay off of counters?

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