Scout Lives to Tell the Tale

Since we last checked in with you, Scout has healed from her rice-eating extravaganza. After about four or five days, she was back to 100%. Even her bowel movements were normal again. Dr. C chatted with us, and we all agreed that Scout is fine, she just seems to be going through a little naughty phase. Dogs do that, a friend of mine said. “Wait until she eats your birthday cake off the counter. On your birthday. Then we can talk.”

Picture 5

But still, The Rice Event of January has stuck with us. We haven’t left Scout out of her crate while we aren’t home for weeks now. We just can’t predict what she might eat. After all, we never saw the rice coming. This experience has taught me one thing: Never, ever get rid of your dog crate. Boy, has crate training come in handy, far past Scout’s mastery of housebreaking. After doing it the first time, I don’t think I’d raise a dog without it.

Picture 4

The only other remnant of the rice incident has been our running joke about Zoey. Surely she’s the one who pointed out the location of the rice to Scout, don’t you think? ;) Why else does a dog who has never cared about rice suddenly eat 2.5 pounds of it? It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve caught Zoey in the act of setting Scout up for failure. Once, I watched as Zoey brought Scout her ball, dropped it at her feet, and then sauntered away to watch as Scout tried to figure out if the ball was a gift, and thus completely legal for dogs to play with, or still an off-limits cat toy. After deliberating a few minutes, Scout decided the ball was hers, and tore it to shreds (joyfully). If I hadn’t watched the whole thing unfold, Scout would have gotten in trouble for destroying a Zoey toy. Cats! Sneaky little buggers…

Picture 6


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