Dogs and Accidents

The subtitle to this post is: “When Your Dogs Pees on the Couch. Twice.” Now your interest is piqued, right?

Sometimes, something happens in your life, and you brush it off. You think, this is an isolated event, and I’m going to consider it as such and not really think much of it after this. Until the day that something else happens, and suddenly that event you brushed off doesn’t seem so arbitrary. Like a sneeze turning into a cold, but in this case, less mucousy.

A while ago, so long ago that I can’t remember exactly when or even if it was summer or winter, Scout had an accident on the couch. It was an odd event, because she was sound asleep and when she rose to leave the sofa cushions, we noticed a pool of wetness underneath her. At the time, we though, “Weird! Our perfectly house-trained dog just wet herself in her sleep!” We threw the cushion in the washer and moved on, forgiving her for what was very obviously an innocent mistake.

scout couch

Months went by. We hadn’t thought a thing of this occurrence. In the meantime, we’ve dealt with Scout’s eating of our books and frat party, so it’s not as if she’s been a perfect gem and we haven’t been fretting over her. But health matters, those seemed to be a bit calmer (assuming, as we have, that her recent bouts of misbehavior are linked to boredom and not something health related). After spending a good deal of money to straighten out her troublesome ears and their infections, we were enjoying not seeing Dr. C on a regular schedule.

Yesterday afternoon, our little family of four was stuck inside when we wanted to be out. It was rainy and cold, but there was college basketball aplenty on the TV, so we sat on the couch and waited for UNC to play. Sometime before that happened, Scout rose from the couch for one reason or another, and that’s when we saw it. A little pool of wetness underneath where her bottom had been (which just so happened to be the area where two cushions met, so there were two cushions that were damp). We picked up the cushions and sniffed. Yep, urine.

How? Well, I suppose that’s not the right question. We know how. But why? Scout hadn’t asked to go out—in fact, she’d been asleep just moments before. She was watching us remove the cushions with a look on her face like, “It’s gonna be harder to sit on the couch without those fluffy things on it, but I’ll try.” It was obvious that she had unknowingly just dribbled on the couch. We stuck the cushions in the washing machine, let her out (where she promptly peed and came back in), and continued to watch the game from the floor.

scout tennis ball

Three hours later, UNC had lost miserably and B and I had put together a consolation dinner for ourselves. While we ate, Scout claimed the remaining single cushion on the couch for a nice long nap in preparation for bedtime. (Life’s rough.) But when B asked her to move after dinner—you know, so that he could sit on the last dry cushion—she rose and revealed for a third time a pool of dampness beneath her. She’d peed on the entire sofa over the course of about three hours. With a bathroom break in between.

We started another load of laundry, and consulted Google.

The search results were mixed on this topic, but there were some common threads: urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and incontinence. Though incontinence is something normally associated with elderly dogs, young dogs can experience it, apparently. It has something to do with the fact that after the dog is spayed, which Scout was, there are less hormones in their bodies, hormones that otherwise help to regulate the muscles in the uterine area. Thus, your dog can end up having weak muscles, and accidents. In other words, they don’t realize that they’re peeing, and they aren’t meaning to.

So, we’ve made an appointment to see Dr. C. At this point, I don’t know which of these options would be better. Perhaps it’s none of them and something different entirely. We’ll have to wait and see.


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