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This is What It’s Like to…

this is what its like to


…be nervous when your human runs into the store and leaves you in the car.


This is What It’s Like to…

this is what its like to

scout and zoey printer

…hog the sun from your cat-sister.

zoey printer

…watch Mom print from the comfort of the window on a sunny day.

scout desk

…think “It’s quitting time, folks.”

This is What It’s Like to…

…welcome a new pup into your lives.

No, we didn’t get a new dog. But with a face like the one above, we may have been tempted to. Let me explain.

A few months ago, we received news that B’s parents’ dog, Dixie, was struck by a car. Sadly, Dixie did not make it. (Photo’d below when she and Scout met for the first time at Thanksgiving 2010.)

For those of you who have lost special pets, you know how this feels. But you also know that the best remedy for the heartache of losing a pet-family member is to fill that place with another animal in need of a home. Enter that sweet face you see in the photo above, Scout’s new cousin, Lester. (This is the name he came with, and B’s parents are still deciding whether to keep it or rename him. Have any suggestions for them?)

Lester has quickly wormed his way into their hearts from what we hear. He’s a 7 to 8 month old Labrador (mix?) with boundless love, a penchant for leaning against you as you pet him, and is a consummate escape artist. He’s wriggled his way out of a 4×6 opening in his crate and slithered through the railing on their deck. But what puppy doesn’t come with a few challenges, right?

Scout will get to meet Lester in a week, when we pay B’s parents a visit, so we’ll have lots of photos to share when we return.

This is What It’s Like to…

Cuddle, whether you fit or not.

This is What It’s Like to…

…be fascinated by the little things in life.

This is What It’s Like to…

…not want to get up.