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Zoey’s Corner 16


“Ask nicely…”


Zoey’s Corner 16

Yes, this is comfortable.


What’s that?


Oh, a dog!


Zoey’s Corner 12

“Dear God there’s a dog in here!”


“Never mind. She can’t reach me up here.”


Zoey’s Corner 14

Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.

Zoey’s Corner 13

If you can’t get rid of the dog, take over the dog’s stuff. I’m starting with the toy box. Take that, dog!

Zoey’s Corner: 12

You know the post Mom wrote yesterday? The one where she said there was “progress” going on just because I slept next to her and the thing?

Ignore it. I can’t tell her this (since I don’t speak Human), but I only went to the blanket because she was sleeping with MY blanket. Everyone knows it’s mine. There’s no other reason. The fact that the thing was there, too, was just a coincidence.

Let’s not read too much into this, Mom.