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A New Start

2013 has proven to be almost more than we can handle. Between family health issues, busy working situations, and life in general, we haven’t had a spare moment to update you on Scout and Zoey. But now we’re past (hopefully) the craziness, and it’s time for a recap!

Last Saturday, we moved. I know, again. But this time is the last time for a very long time. Very. We don’t necessarily believe in “forever” homes, but this would be something like that. A home to grow into, however that may be. We’ll call it a “forever-ish” home. This is it.

Getting here has been harder than we anticipated, and it’s left B and me both physically and emotionally exhausted. Scout and Zoey have been real champs though. Through packing and relocating, we’ve been worried about how the girls would handle it, especially Zoey. Move-in day was last Saturday, and we waited until that morning to put Zoey in her carrier and bring her to the new house. In every single previous transportation experience, Zoey has emptied her bowels in the carrier within the first three minutes. The stench. You guys. It’s way too powerful, and horrible, to drive with a cat sitting in urine and waste in a cat carrier that’s in your lap. We started to put towels in the carrier to absorb the urine and help get us to the vet’s office. We minimized the reasons to take Zoey out of the house—ever. (Dr. C is always a champ about it. They clean her up when we get there and do their best with her. Gotta love a great vet.)

So we were understandably terrified of transporting her to the new home, but we did our best to keep these emotions in lock down on Saturday morning. We believe that pets (and kids, for that matter) feed off of their parents’ energy, so I tried to keep my apprehension under control as I coaxed Zoey out from under our bed and then gently fed her into the carrier. She immediately tensed up as her head neared the carrier, but she let me put her in it without trouble. Then we high-tailed it out the door.

On the way, she cried a few times, but nothing like the howls of agony we were waiting for. And no bowel movements! Zoey was truly remarkable and held it together better than she has ever done before. We got her settled in the bathroom at the new house, closed the door, and left her to acclimate while we hustled around with the movers.

For her part, Scout spent the majority of the day in her crate so that she wouldn’t be under the movers’ feet as they unloaded. It wasn’t fun for her, and we could tell that she was stressed and wanted to be with us exploring this new place. But that wasn’t in the cards until the movers left.

Scout has surprised us with this transition. Normally it’s Zoey who is stressed and anxious about changes, but this time, Scout has had the harder time. Zoey was almost bubbly when we let her out of the bathroom into the rest of the house, following us around downstairs, sunning herself in the dining room, and rubbing on the carpet. We’ve been in awe of Zoey’s relaxed personality these past two days, totally outside her normal demeanor in these situations. Scout, normally our bubbly personality, has been the opposite: stressed and concerned. She spent the majority of yesterday following us around with worry lines across her forehead as we unpacked, until she finally fell asleep out of exhaustion.


We’re sure that as our routine falls back into place Scout will acclimate to this new environment. In the meantime, we’ve tried to settle her in by keeping the same breakfast and dinner routine, the same house rules, and lots of love and attention. This new home has a few areas that we’re excited about for the girls, namely a screened-in porch and a big backyard, so there will be lots for them to enjoy as we settle in to a new home.


A Vacation and a House-sitter

I didn’t realize it had been so long since we last updated. Life has been pretty busy around here, and after many weeks of going, going, going, B and I are heading out for a long-awaited vacation on Thursday. Unlike last year, Scout will not be going with us. This time, it’s just Mom and Dad.


Scout at Kiawah Island, SC, in August 2012

In the meantime, B and I are doing something we’ve never done: arranged for a house-sitter. A friend and co-worker of mine will be staying at our place while we’re away, which will allow Scout and Zoey to remain at home, comfortable, and somewhat in their routines. (This is our hope.) But as we clean the house a little extra in preparation, I find myself with that worrisome parental vibe going on. Please, please behave, I think to myself.

Please do not eat the rest of our books.


Please do not pee all over the couch.


Please do not try to steal the jar of flour and devour it in the living room (which I caught Scout doing on Friday morning, just as she was about to rip the lid off the jar and scatter flour all over the newly cleaned room). Please do not eat any of our house-sitter’s belongings (Scout) or throw up in her shoes (Zoey). Please do not get a sudden ear infection or have any other cause to be rushed to the vet’s.

Picture 3

Please be kind to one another, like you were that random day you sat side by side on the couch and made me think hell had finally frozen over.

Do all of this because you love me. And because this house-sitter will probably spoil you rotten if you behave. It’s a good deal for you, girls. I promise!

This is What It’s Like To…

…enjoy the afternoon sun.

Scout Makes a Friend

No,  it’s not Zoey! :) I couldn’t resist posting this image that I took with Instagram the other day. It’s one of my favs.

A friend of B’s recently adopted an 8-week-old puppy from the humane society. She’s a mix, and our best idea is a terrier and a dachshund. He brought her over yesterday evening to meet Scout and pick up some puppy-rearing tips. (Who would have thought, two years ago, that we’d be handing out puppy tips?)

Roxie is as cute as can be and very, very sweet. Scout was immediately enthralled, and kept bringing Roxie her big green frog (her most favorite toy in the world) to play fetch with. Roxie would kindly wag her tail and give Scout a look that said “And what do you want me to do with this?” I’m already picturing play dates when Roxie’s older and bursting with puppy energy. Hooray for finding a friend!

This is What It’s Like To…

…watch over the house while your parents are out of town for the week.

Forgive our recent radio silence. B and I attempted to take a vacation for our anniversary this past week. I say attempted because if the universe tries to tell you things—things such as, “Don’t go on your vacation”—and you ignore them multiple times and go anyway, you end up with the type of vacation we just had: lots of wonderful high points infused with lots of crazy, stressful low points. The high points: seeing dear friends, receiving sweet and generous gifts from family, giving Zoey the house to herself to enjoy, running into a college basketball player from your glory days and getting his autograph, and letting Scout play with her puppy-cousin Edward. The low points: having work to do over your vacation (it’s impossible to really get away, isn’t it?), and receiving a text during dinner that says, “Scout has diarrhea. What do you want us to do?”

First response: Dang it.

We received just such a text message during dinner one night, and went on to learn that Scout and Edward both had come down with a case of very bad diarrhea. Thank goodness it was short lived, but long enough for Scout, who was in  her crate when the sickness occurred, to badly stain her Aunt M’s carpet. We’re still not sure if they got into something or if one of them was sick and passed it to the other, but there were a few unhappy hours in the Aunt M household one day. (Thankfully it has all passed now.) Let’s just say that Aunt M described the scene in three words: projectile, explosive diarrhea. That’s a fun picture.

So we returned from vacation exhausted, having left a lasting impression in Aunt M’s carpet (at least until we get it carpet cleaned) and learned of her unwaveringly upbeat attitude toward Scout. Aunt M is a champ. One days we’ll get this slogan etched in solid gold, after we win the lottery and can afford to etch words in expensive items and give them away.

In the meantime, Zoey enjoyed herself thoroughly. A friend and co-worker took the above picture while visiting with her one day. Zoey didn’t know what to do with the feral cat that made itself at home on our back porch doormat. They watched it for a few minutes, and then went back to their movie, Zoey sitting on my friend’s lap, purring away. Just the way a vacation should be.

A Puppy’s Anticipation of Spring

Try as it might, winter is losing its battle to spring out where we live. Which means one thing for the girls: more playtime outside! For Scout at least. Zoey could really care less about going outside, which is great for us since she’s an indoor-only kind of lady.

For Scout, spring and summer are, as they say, “the most wonderful time(s) of the year.” Warm weather means playing in the hose while we water the grass, romping through the sprinkler, trying to nuzzle the ducklings that live at the lake and wander into our yard…


…playing in the creek. And this summer means another fun thing: possible pool time, thanks to the dog park being built nearby. But with spring—no matter how early it comes—is also rain, and plenty of it. Scout hasn’t been on a really good walk in over a week now, simply because we can’t seem to have any time at home that doesn’t coincide with a downpour. She’s tired of it.


Entertaining a puppy indoors is a challenge. Scout plays a low-key version of fetch in our hallway, sliding across the hardwoods and pooling the rug up against the front door. (If the doorbell ever rings, we’re going to have a time getting her away from the door while simultaneously unfurling the rug.) We also give her mind games, asking her to Find Mommy or Daddy or even Zoey. She’s a pro at Find Daddy, a semipro at Find Mommy, and is just catching on to Find Zoey. (It doesn’t help that sometimes when I don’t know where Zoey is and ask Scout to find her, Zoey turns out to be right under my feet. I asked Scout to Find Zoey the other night while I was making dinner, and she looked at me like I’d lost my mind. Zoey was sitting next to me on a bar stool at the kitchen island. Doh!)

So until the rains subside, Scout searches for ways to keep herself entertained indoors. Perhaps this weekend will bring some sun!