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A New Start

2013 has proven to be almost more than we can handle. Between family health issues, busy working situations, and life in general, we haven’t had a spare moment to update you on Scout and Zoey. But now we’re past (hopefully) the craziness, and it’s time for a recap!

Last Saturday, we moved. I know, again. But this time is the last time for a very long time. Very. We don’t necessarily believe in “forever” homes, but this would be something like that. A home to grow into, however that may be. We’ll call it a “forever-ish” home. This is it.

Getting here has been harder than we anticipated, and it’s left B and me both physically and emotionally exhausted. Scout and Zoey have been real champs though. Through packing and relocating, we’ve been worried about how the girls would handle it, especially Zoey. Move-in day was last Saturday, and we waited until that morning to put Zoey in her carrier and bring her to the new house. In every single previous transportation experience, Zoey has emptied her bowels in the carrier within the first three minutes. The stench. You guys. It’s way too powerful, and horrible, to drive with a cat sitting in urine and waste in a cat carrier that’s in your lap. We started to put towels in the carrier to absorb the urine and help get us to the vet’s office. We minimized the reasons to take Zoey out of the house—ever. (Dr. C is always a champ about it. They clean her up when we get there and do their best with her. Gotta love a great vet.)

So we were understandably terrified of transporting her to the new home, but we did our best to keep these emotions in lock down on Saturday morning. We believe that pets (and kids, for that matter) feed off of their parents’ energy, so I tried to keep my apprehension under control as I coaxed Zoey out from under our bed and then gently fed her into the carrier. She immediately tensed up as her head neared the carrier, but she let me put her in it without trouble. Then we high-tailed it out the door.

On the way, she cried a few times, but nothing like the howls of agony we were waiting for. And no bowel movements! Zoey was truly remarkable and held it together better than she has ever done before. We got her settled in the bathroom at the new house, closed the door, and left her to acclimate while we hustled around with the movers.

For her part, Scout spent the majority of the day in her crate so that she wouldn’t be under the movers’ feet as they unloaded. It wasn’t fun for her, and we could tell that she was stressed and wanted to be with us exploring this new place. But that wasn’t in the cards until the movers left.

Scout has surprised us with this transition. Normally it’s Zoey who is stressed and anxious about changes, but this time, Scout has had the harder time. Zoey was almost bubbly when we let her out of the bathroom into the rest of the house, following us around downstairs, sunning herself in the dining room, and rubbing on the carpet. We’ve been in awe of Zoey’s relaxed personality these past two days, totally outside her normal demeanor in these situations. Scout, normally our bubbly personality, has been the opposite: stressed and concerned. She spent the majority of yesterday following us around with worry lines across her forehead as we unpacked, until she finally fell asleep out of exhaustion.


We’re sure that as our routine falls back into place Scout will acclimate to this new environment. In the meantime, we’ve tried to settle her in by keeping the same breakfast and dinner routine, the same house rules, and lots of love and attention. This new home has a few areas that we’re excited about for the girls, namely a screened-in porch and a big backyard, so there will be lots for them to enjoy as we settle in to a new home.


Wherefore Art Thou, Camera?

We can’t keep track of the camera. I swear, every time we see a moment that we want to catch on (digital) film, we can’t find it!

Like the other day after we grilled corn to go with dinner. Zoey has had a long love affair with corn. She loves it. Straight off the cob, freshly cooked and smelling delightful, the cat cannot resist. So while I was showering one morning, B heard a loud noise downstairs. Now remember, we haven’t lived here even a week yet, and B was suspicious, so he grabbed something to hit someone with and crept downstairs. What did he find but the trash can overturned and Zoey halfway inside, chewing madly on a corn cob from the previous night’s dinner. Priceless! No camera to be found.

Or last night, when I let Scout out to go to the bathroom and she stood there, frozen solid. One of the neighbor’s cats was crouching just behind the top of the fence, with only her nose and eyes peeking out above the wood. The look she gave Scout was hilarious, especially with just her nose and eyes visible. I yelled for the camera. MIA.

But there have been some moments we’ve caught. Like this sweet moment when we unpacked Queenie and Scout took her immediately to the rug (and began ripping the stuffing out of her, but hey, it was done out of love).

Or when Scout and Zoey followed me around like shadows on Sunday while I unpacked.

Or random moments of Scout out in the yard.

Eating something.

And eating something again.

Scout is never not eating when she’s in the yard. We’re going to have to pull out our list of plants that are poisonous to dogs and make sure we don’t have any, because Scout loves to get her greens in.

She’ll even stop to consider the concrete, but even Scout has better taste than that. Now the mulch on the other hand…

And at the end of a long day, we all settle in for a nice comfy place to nap.

We’re Here!

Whew. Let me just say, moving with an 8-month-old pup and a cat who doesn’t like change is exhausting. But we made it!

The big move took place on Friday. We crated Scout while the movers lugged our stuff to the van, and locked Zoey in the bathroom. She was not pleased. She cried and cried the entire time the guys moved our stuff, those horrible “whoa-is-me” kind of cries that break your heart. But we stuck with it, and let her out once the men were done. The apartment was practically empty save for the odds and ends they wouldn’t take (apparently you have to have everything in closed boxes–using your cloth grocery bags for odds and ends doesn’t cut it). Zoey acted like everything was normal. It was kind of funny. She just rubbed herself on the carpet and purred. No big deal! That is until later on that night, when we tried to put her in the cat carrier we bought. I’ve got three nice little scratch marks across my wrist where her back claws got me. It took B and I both to get her in the carrier, and her wails were really horrible to listen to. But about five to 10 minutes into the drive, the pheromone packet in the top of the carrier must have kicked in, and boy, did it make a believer out of us. I for one wasn’t expecting much, but she barely let out a peep once it started working. We were impressed. We got her home and put her in the master bedroom with the door closed without incident.

The first night at the new place was less than stellar. For whatever reason, Scout could not settle down. She had been at the new house longer than Zoey (we brought her over when we met the movers to unload the truck), and she’d spent the day playing with Ranger in the backyard. We figured she’d be happily tired, but apparently the thought of us actually sleeping at this new place had her completely wigged out. She must have thought we were only taking day trips here, like the dog park. She cried until we turned out the light, and then that stopped, but she was up and down all night, and B and I barely slept. Zoey, on the other hand, was thrilled out of her mind to be out of the carrier, and walked all over us, bathing our arms whenever they poked out of the covers, and basically cementing the fact that we weren’t going to get an ounce of sleep Friday night. Mission accomplished, pet-children!

By Saturday morning, Zoey was feeling surprisingly comfortable. We let her out of the bedroom and B left to run some errands. Scout and I spent some time in the kitchen trying to unpack and find things (which must be the most annoying part of moving). Suddenly, Scout started barking up a storm–and that’s when I learned that this house has awesome acoustics. Seriously awesome. I felt like her snout was directly next to my eardrum it was so loud. And somewhere between 7 and 8 months Scout has found her grown-up bark, because these were not some adolescent gasps. These were full on, holy smokes-this-is-bad kind of barks. I immediately went to the back door, and there was the culprit: a duck, lazily walking through our yard. Ah, yes. New reality: lake=ducks. But this was the first duck Scout had ever seen, and she was seriously freaked out. The hair on her back was standing on end, so that she looked like she had a mohawk, which would have made me laugh except that it was 7 a.m. and I wasn’t sure if these acoustics carried to our neighbors or not.

I could not get her to stop. The duck was the most disturbing thing Scout had EVER SEEN. She became very protective. She would run to the back door, barking her head off, and then run back into the kitchen and sit right at my feet, between me and the back door. It was like she was saying, “Mom, there is an alien in the yard. Don’t worry, I’ve spotted it, but don’t go out there!” I finally had to work my way outside (while Scout watched from the door with this look on her face like, Are you insane?!) and shoo the duck off. These ducks are very domesticated. The thing barely even noticed me. I’m out in the grass in pajamas and bedroom slippers trying to shoo this duck out of the yard while my puppy is inside, barking like I’m being mauled, and it’s not even 8 a.m. yet. I need a nap, and breakfast, and for the rest of the ducks in the neighborhood to steer clear of our yard for the next 48 hours for my head to stop ringing.

B took care of the breakfast. The ducks did manage to avoid our yard for the rest of Saturday and Sunday, though when they went into our neighbor’s backyard that was also cause enough for a barking spell. Scout has surprised us with how protective she’s gotten during this adjustment period. It’s obvious she is just learning this new environment. Though she was much more comfortable on Sunday, she did bark at a butterfly while outside. Lol. Apparently she’s never seen one before! It’d never occurred to us.

So we’re all settling in and beginning to adjust. This morning on our walk Scout managed not to bark at the plethora of ducks out in everyone’s yards, though we did have to stop and stare at them every few feet. Who knows, maybe in another month or so she’ll be friends with them. They certainly aren’t afraid of our neighbor’s cats–we saw them in the yard co-mingling together!