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A New Start

2013 has proven to be almost more than we can handle. Between family health issues, busy working situations, and life in general, we haven’t had a spare moment to update you on Scout and Zoey. But now we’re past (hopefully) the craziness, and it’s time for a recap!

Last Saturday, we moved. I know, again. But this time is the last time for a very long time. Very. We don’t necessarily believe in “forever” homes, but this would be something like that. A home to grow into, however that may be. We’ll call it a “forever-ish” home. This is it.

Getting here has been harder than we anticipated, and it’s left B and me both physically and emotionally exhausted. Scout and Zoey have been real champs though. Through packing and relocating, we’ve been worried about how the girls would handle it, especially Zoey. Move-in day was last Saturday, and we waited until that morning to put Zoey in her carrier and bring her to the new house. In every single previous transportation experience, Zoey has emptied her bowels in the carrier within the first three minutes. The stench. You guys. It’s way too powerful, and horrible, to drive with a cat sitting in urine and waste in a cat carrier that’s in your lap. We started to put towels in the carrier to absorb the urine and help get us to the vet’s office. We minimized the reasons to take Zoey out of the house—ever. (Dr. C is always a champ about it. They clean her up when we get there and do their best with her. Gotta love a great vet.)

So we were understandably terrified of transporting her to the new home, but we did our best to keep these emotions in lock down on Saturday morning. We believe that pets (and kids, for that matter) feed off of their parents’ energy, so I tried to keep my apprehension under control as I coaxed Zoey out from under our bed and then gently fed her into the carrier. She immediately tensed up as her head neared the carrier, but she let me put her in it without trouble. Then we high-tailed it out the door.

On the way, she cried a few times, but nothing like the howls of agony we were waiting for. And no bowel movements! Zoey was truly remarkable and held it together better than she has ever done before. We got her settled in the bathroom at the new house, closed the door, and left her to acclimate while we hustled around with the movers.

For her part, Scout spent the majority of the day in her crate so that she wouldn’t be under the movers’ feet as they unloaded. It wasn’t fun for her, and we could tell that she was stressed and wanted to be with us exploring this new place. But that wasn’t in the cards until the movers left.

Scout has surprised us with this transition. Normally it’s Zoey who is stressed and anxious about changes, but this time, Scout has had the harder time. Zoey was almost bubbly when we let her out of the bathroom into the rest of the house, following us around downstairs, sunning herself in the dining room, and rubbing on the carpet. We’ve been in awe of Zoey’s relaxed personality these past two days, totally outside her normal demeanor in these situations. Scout, normally our bubbly personality, has been the opposite: stressed and concerned. She spent the majority of yesterday following us around with worry lines across her forehead as we unpacked, until she finally fell asleep out of exhaustion.


We’re sure that as our routine falls back into place Scout will acclimate to this new environment. In the meantime, we’ve tried to settle her in by keeping the same breakfast and dinner routine, the same house rules, and lots of love and attention. This new home has a few areas that we’re excited about for the girls, namely a screened-in porch and a big backyard, so there will be lots for them to enjoy as we settle in to a new home.


Apparently, Packing is Fun

Scout and Zoey have both found reasons to love the packing side of moving. Zoey has found great fun in dive-bombing the boxes.

She sits inside them, perfectly happy with herself. The other day, when I arrived home, I asked B, “Where’s Zoey?” And as if she spoke English, she catapulted out from inside an empty box straight into the air, and then launched herself back inside it. Classic.

The really funny thing is that sometimes Scout can’t find her.

She gets close, but no Zoey can be found.

Until, she uses her nose and sniffs her out. Kitty found!

I’m telling you. The girls are loving the packing boxes. Hours of entertainment right at their paws! (Yes, Zoey is about to smack Scout in the picture above. That’s what Zoey does! Scout gives her a kiss, Zoey smacks her. True love.)

And You Thought We Were Totally Boring…

Have we seemed detached lately? A little slow to post? Distracted? If you’re nodding your head, then you’d be right. (At least, I think so.) But hey, we’ve got a reason. We’ve been keeping it under wraps until things looked more solid, but we feel comfortable enough now to give you a bit of news.

We’re moving!

That’s right, B and A have finally taken the house-ownership plunge, and we’re thisclose to buying our first place. Cue the giddy happy smiles. The current plan is to close mid-April and move by the end of the month. We’ve given notice to our apartment complex–wait, what’s that? We haven’t mentioned, not once, that we live in an apartment complex?

Yeah, about that. Back when we were still contemplating dog ownership, there were plenty of people with opinions. A heavy majority were not in favor of dog (especially Scout-size dog) ownership while living in an apartment. B and I completely agreed. And then we got Scout anyway. :) You see, after thinking it over and over and over again, we didn’t want to wait. There were always going to be reasons not to get a dog, and we were done discussing it in circles. We wanted to take the leap, so we did. Now, we did it in an educated way. We didn’t just run out and buy a puppy, but we planned and thought and knew what our challenges would be. Yes, every single time Scout has to go to the bathroom we have to walk her down a flight of stairs and then back up again. Yes, there is no yard for her to run around in, so we’ve had to supplement this with plenty of trips outside. No, we could not just throw her into a yard (because we didn’t have one) whenever she got annoying. We had to face it head on and deal with it. We’ve had two people and one puppy and one five-year-old cat living in a one-bedroom (yeah, that’s another thing…) apartment.

But you know what? We’re happy we did it, and I think we’ve shown that you can successfully raise a dog in an apartment. You just have to work really really hard at it :)

All right, enough soap box! (The whole apartment thing has been like some big blog secret up until now, because I was afraid of dealing with some possible digital-criticism a la the real-world criticism we received. Possibly irrational, but hey.) So our super-exciting news is that we’re getting the fudge out of Dodge and moving on to greener pastures–literally. Scope out Scout’s new digs!

Yay! Cue the excitement! (Editorial note: I did not take these photos. They’re the listing photos. Otherwise, I think I would have moved the kiddo’s tricycle and stepped away from the satellite dish.)

Yes, that is a lake. Yes, it is ours, or a portion of it at least. And yes, every bit of this yard will one day in the near-future be trampled by the happy paws of Scout. When we stopped by for the inspection, that tree in the back right corner was in full cherry-blossom bloom, which is kind of ironic in a neat way considering I’ve always had a thing for cherry blossoms. Oh yeah, and the lake comes with ducks. I am dying to see how Scout reacts to them.

This is the neighbor’s dock. The back fence has a gate door that opens and you can walk down to the water. Our land doesn’t have a dock yet, but we’re hoping we can save up and build one pay someone who knows what they’re doing to build one in the future.

I am immeasurably excited to see how Scout reacts to the water. She’s only ever been in the little wading pool we bought her…

…so it will be neat to see what she thinks of the lake. Of course, this now brings on a whole new set of things we haven’t had to deal with: snakes…ticks…(live) frogs…We’ve got Scout on flea-and-tick meds already, so we’ll see how that goes.

And though Zoey doesn’t go outside (a previous owner had her declawed, and she’s never shown an inch of interest in the outdoors), we’re hoping the move brings her some joy too. Not only will she have oodles more space to sun herself in, but if we end up screening in the back porch she’ll have a semi-outdoor area that she can access for a change. I am really happy to be able to give her more room to live in, since she’s stuck inside all day. The move itself will be tough on Zo. She was abused in the past before we adopted her, and she does NOT travel well. Trips to the vet involve defecating in the cat carrier before we’ve made it from the door to the car. So the move is going to be stressful, and we’re brainstorming ways we can make it easier on her.

So excuse our busyness! It’s been warranted :)