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A Vacation and a House-sitter

I didn’t realize it had been so long since we last updated. Life has been pretty busy around here, and after many weeks of going, going, going, B and I are heading out for a long-awaited vacation on Thursday. Unlike last year, Scout will not be going with us. This time, it’s just Mom and Dad.


Scout at Kiawah Island, SC, in August 2012

In the meantime, B and I are doing something we’ve never done: arranged for a house-sitter. A friend and co-worker of mine will be staying at our place while we’re away, which will allow Scout and Zoey to remain at home, comfortable, and somewhat in their routines. (This is our hope.) But as we clean the house a little extra in preparation, I find myself with that worrisome parental vibe going on. Please, please behave, I think to myself.

Please do not eat the rest of our books.


Please do not pee all over the couch.


Please do not try to steal the jar of flour and devour it in the living room (which I caught Scout doing on Friday morning, just as she was about to rip the lid off the jar and scatter flour all over the newly cleaned room). Please do not eat any of our house-sitter’s belongings (Scout) or throw up in her shoes (Zoey). Please do not get a sudden ear infection or have any other cause to be rushed to the vet’s.

Picture 3

Please be kind to one another, like you were that random day you sat side by side on the couch and made me think hell had finally frozen over.

Do all of this because you love me. And because this house-sitter will probably spoil you rotten if you behave. It’s a good deal for you, girls. I promise!


Scout’s Birthday Adventure

So, we’re back! It’s been a week since we posted, and for good reason. This year, Scout’s birthday fell at a convenient time: our annual vacation to Kiawah Island, SC. If you’ve never been to Kiawah, you should hurry over that’s okay with me. I’m not going to tell you go to. In fact, I’m going to tell you that it’s a horribly ugly place that you’d hate. It’s utterly devoid of things like gentle ocean waves, beautiful dunes upon which you can occasionally spot deer as you walk to the ocean, bike lanes outnumbering car lanes, moss-draped trees overhanging the roads, and a large pod of dolphins who take up residence in the marshes and will do amazing things while you kayak past them. It’s none of those things, and you don’t ever want to go there, because I want it all to myself! ;)

Though it does also have some killer mosquitoes, by the way. One hundred percent honesty there.

Anyway, Scout’s birthday fell during our vacation, and this year we were able to rent a place that was pet-friendly. This meant that Scout and her beloved cousin Edward were able to share in their first ocean-side vacation together. And boy, did they love it. Every moment they were at home together they were playing or cuddling on the couch together.

After seeing the above image, we owe you a confession. We forgot our camera. I know, we’re horrible people. We were kicking ourselves the whole time, but we worked up until the moment we left, so our packing was kind of lacking. We did have our phones, though, so we still snagged pictures, but they’ll all be the same size and carry the same hint of camera-phone graininess that’s been in my photos lately.

All joking aside, Kiawah really is our favorite place in the world. We try to go once a year and unwind, and it was wonderful to get to bring Scout along this time. There’s a portion of the beach that’s off-leash, so Scout got to run free with other dogs and enjoy the waves.

There was a dock on the island where B’s family could fish while we watched. Since Scout had never experienced a dock, we brought her down with us. We wanted to expose her to as many new scenarios as we could. She took to the dock without issue, but we kept her on the leash because she constantly tried to jump into the water. (And because technically she wasn’t allowed on the dock. We cheated. No one saw.) ;)

At one point, a pod of dolphins came by, feeding on shrimp in the shallows, and Scout became confused and protective. While the rest of us tried to video them and snap photos, Scout barked and barked. As much as I was afraid she’d scare the dolphins off, they didn’t care a bit.

A few days into the vacation, B and I noticed something about Scout and her leash. We have a friend who said once that her Labrador is much more protective while on leash than she is when she’s off-leash. This seems to be true of Scout. I suppose we haven’t had many scenarios in the past, so we never thought much about it. But at the beach there were people everywhere, and they always felt free to reach out and pet Scout without asking. She’d start barking at them before they got close enough to touch her, but if she was off-leash it was a whole different thing. Off-leash, Scout would run up to people and greet them herself. We realized that off-leash it’s just like the dog park, only with water. She’s happy and carefree and comfortable. On the leash, though, she feels like she’s in “walk mode.” It’s more serious, and she won’t let just anyone approach us. Anyone else’s dogs do this too?

The shower area was tricky in this respect. We’d try to finagle Scout under the water to rinse the sand off of her (way too similar to bath time for Scout’s enjoyment), all while keeping her on the leash, and suddenly there’d be strange hands on her. She’d whip around and start barking at someone as if they’d just broken into our house. It always left us a mix of embarrassed and stressed. We were obviously busy wrangling our doesn’t-want-a-bath dog under chilly, sandy water, and our dog is obviously uncomfortable, so why pick that time to reach around and pat her on the head? Though it was embarrassing for our sweet dog to react like that, she kinda had a point. Don’t bust in on someone while they’re bathing!

Thankfully by the last two days of the trip we’d found another area that had a dog-washing station—so much easier! We took lots of video we’ll post once we’ve processed them.

In the meantime, I’m happy to report that Zoey didn’t have a single accident while we were away. Now that’s something to celebrate!

This is What It’s Like To…

…watch over the house while your parents are out of town for the week.

Forgive our recent radio silence. B and I attempted to take a vacation for our anniversary this past week. I say attempted because if the universe tries to tell you things—things such as, “Don’t go on your vacation”—and you ignore them multiple times and go anyway, you end up with the type of vacation we just had: lots of wonderful high points infused with lots of crazy, stressful low points. The high points: seeing dear friends, receiving sweet and generous gifts from family, giving Zoey the house to herself to enjoy, running into a college basketball player from your glory days and getting his autograph, and letting Scout play with her puppy-cousin Edward. The low points: having work to do over your vacation (it’s impossible to really get away, isn’t it?), and receiving a text during dinner that says, “Scout has diarrhea. What do you want us to do?”

First response: Dang it.

We received just such a text message during dinner one night, and went on to learn that Scout and Edward both had come down with a case of very bad diarrhea. Thank goodness it was short lived, but long enough for Scout, who was in  her crate when the sickness occurred, to badly stain her Aunt M’s carpet. We’re still not sure if they got into something or if one of them was sick and passed it to the other, but there were a few unhappy hours in the Aunt M household one day. (Thankfully it has all passed now.) Let’s just say that Aunt M described the scene in three words: projectile, explosive diarrhea. That’s a fun picture.

So we returned from vacation exhausted, having left a lasting impression in Aunt M’s carpet (at least until we get it carpet cleaned) and learned of her unwaveringly upbeat attitude toward Scout. Aunt M is a champ. One days we’ll get this slogan etched in solid gold, after we win the lottery and can afford to etch words in expensive items and give them away.

In the meantime, Zoey enjoyed herself thoroughly. A friend and co-worker took the above picture while visiting with her one day. Zoey didn’t know what to do with the feral cat that made itself at home on our back porch doormat. They watched it for a few minutes, and then went back to their movie, Zoey sitting on my friend’s lap, purring away. Just the way a vacation should be.

And, We’re Back

What happens, inevitably, when you go on vacation? You get sick! It seems like slowing down always lets in the germs you’ve been fighting to keep at bay. So we’ve been slow to post since returning on Tuesday, but I finally decided to crawl out of bed and pretend to be normal and throw up the photos that Aunt M took while she cared for Scout while we were out of town last week.

Scout must have been having a ball playing with Edward, M’s cha-weinie (a chihuahua-dachshund mix), because her tongue is hanging out in all these photos. :)

Aunt M also found some nice, durable toys for Scout, and so far they’re managing to hang around.

Thank you to Aunt M for taking such nice photos for us! She also took a hilarious video that we haven’t had time to edit but will throw up as soon as we do.